Uncovering the Truth Behind Judy Reyes and Edwin M. Figueroa’s Unexpected Divorce

Judy Reyes' ex-husband Edwin FigueroaJudy Reyes got divorced to director Edwin M. Figueroa in 2008. Photo Source: Social Media.

As joyous as finding a partner who will be there for you through life’s thick and thin can be, just as heartbreaking as the separation. But with time, as we evolve into new people than we were yesterday, sometimes we are bound to part ways with the people who were with us throughout our journey.

The actress Judy Reyes was happily married for 11 long years before news of her divorce came out. So if you are curious and want to know the reason behind their divorce, then you have come to the right place. The article uncovers the truth behind the divorce of Judy Reyes’ ex-husband, Edwin M. Figueroa.

Married For 11 Years

The actress got married to writer/director Edwin M. Figueroa in 1997. They were married for 11 years, and everything seemed to be going well in their conjugal life. But after 11 years, the couple parted ways. With the news of their divorce circulating, people were curious about why their decade-long marriage ended.

Despite being married for a long time, the former couple had no children. Their divorce was finalized in 2008. No matter the curiosity and questions, the couple has remained very tight-lipped about their separation. And to this day, the reason behind Judy Reyes’ divorce is unknown, but it could be the indifferences that led to the end of their marriage.

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Found Love Again

After the divorce, Reyes might not have thought she would find her perfect partner any time soon, but life surprises you in many ways. Edwin M. Figueroa’s ex-wife got another chance at love again with fellow actor George Valencia. She worked with him in Glow Ropes: The Rise and Fall of a Bar Mitzvah Emcee, which was released in 2008.

Judy Reyes’ partner George Valencia was married to actress Candice Coke. Both had a failed previous relationship before finding each other and are happier than ever. The couple has been together for over a decade, but there’s no news of their possible marriage yet. However, Reyes has referred to George as her husband multiple times.


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From Judy’s Instagram posts, the couple seems to be living a happy and love-filled life together. Judy and George both frequently post photos of each other, showing their love and appreciation for one another. We wish the actress a joyous and prosperous life ahead. Also, get to know about Judy Reyes’ twin sister Joselin Reyes‘ partner.

While the actress has found love again, it remains a mystery if Judy Reyes’ ex-husband married again. He has remained away from the limelight, and we hope to learn the truth about his personal details soon.

Judy Reyes’ Daughter

Edwin M. Figueroa’s ex-wife stepped into motherhood for the first time with her partner George Valencia. She birthed a beautiful baby girl on November 27, 2009. The couple named their daughter Laila Rey Valencia. Both Judy and George seem to be very loving parents to Laila. On the other hand, the information regarding if Judy Reyes’ ex-husband has any kids remain a mystery.

Judy Reyes' Daughter Leila Rey Valancia
Judy Reyes and George Valencia are parents to daughter Leila Rey Valencia. Photo Source: Judy Reyes’ Instagram.

Judy is living a comfortable and content life along with her daughter and partner. We have always loved Reyes’ performance in every role she has appeared in. Now the actress will appear on your TV screen for her horror role in the series The Horror of Dolores Roach.

We look forward to seeing her immaculate performance in this as well. Also we also hope to learn more about Judy Reyes’ ex-husband in the future.

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