Love Life Of Kathleen Rose Perkins And Christopher Moynihan, Any Plans On Marrying?

Christopher Moynihan's girlfriend, Kathleen Rose PerkinsKathleen Rose Perkins and Christopher Moynihan have been dating for quite a while without sparking any rumors of marriage. Image Source: Getty Images.

Kathleen Rose Perkins is an actress known for her works in movies like The Island, Gone Girl, Almost Home, etc. Born on November 15, 1974, she has dedicated her life to Hollywood since 2001.

While relishing a successful career, Kathleen is also enjoying a happy relationship with her long-time boyfriend, Christopher Moynihan. They have been together for a couple of years and are pretty sneaky about their relationship. However, we have tried to squeeze some lemon into the story. So, let’s dig in.

Who Is Kathleen Rose Perkins’ Boyfriend, Christopher Moynihan?

You Are The Worst actress, Kathleen Rose Perkins’ boyfriend, Christopher Moynihan, is also an actor, writer, and comedian. Born as Christoph G. Moynihan, he is known for A Mighty Wind, Man Up!, and 100 Questions. 

Perkins’ partner’s other works include Foster Hall, According to Jim, Gary & Mike, Jenny, etc. Furthermore, Christopher has six credits as a writer in IMDb for Marlon, Saint Francis, etc. Likewise, his resume extends as a producer as well. Moynihan has produced Last Night, Foster Hall, Marlon, etc. as an executive producer.

Kathleen Rose Perkins’ boyfriend is a combination of a hottie and classic man. Plus, he seems intelligent, witty, and understanding, which leads to a better relationship. Moreover, both are aspiring writers and are in the same industry to boost one another’s energy.

How Did The Couple Meet?

Well, since both of Kathleen Rose Perkins And Christopher Moynihan are very private people, their first meeting is a mystery. We know the bare minimum about their relationship since the majority of it is private.

However, it looks like the couple has been dating for nearly more than a decade; 15 years to be precise. Furthermore, the couple seems to feel an exquisite sort of happiness and are enjoying one another company.

Kathleen Rose Perkins' Boyfriend
Kathleen Rose Perkins and Christopher Moynihan have been dating for over a decade and are still passionate about one another. Image Source: Perkins’ Instagram.

While the couple is sharing hearts, they are equally focusing on their career as entertainers. Similarly, Kathleen posts very little about the couple while her partner is mostly invisible in social media entirely.

Are Christopher And Kathleen Planning To Get Married?

Although Colony star, Kathleen Rose and Man Up! Star, Christopher, have been dating for quite some time, they haven’t walked down the aisle just yet.

Although the couple has been together for 15 years, they are not planning to get married yet. Besides holding their marriage, they both travel together, spend holidays together with friends and families just as the married couples do.


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Even though marriage is just a mere concept, it is also the reasoning of celebrating life together. Therefore, Kathleen and Christophers’ fan wants to hear the big news. But the aspiring writer, Kathleen has different plans.

According to the New York Post, Christopher Moynihan’s girlfriend Kathleen confirmed that she is not about marriage and having children. However, being with Christopher calms her. In the same article, she confessed about being scared while having surgery.

Kathleen’s heart palpitated at 120 but simmered down to 99 when she saw her sweetheart, Moynihan. She further told that he made her laugh on the spot when she asked him to. Sweet!

As mentioned before, marriage is a concept made by people, therefore love remains beyond a couple of vows. Also, Perkins seems to be aloof from the legal union; the couple is still enjoying their honeymoon phase.

Let’s hope the future of Kathleen Rose Perkins and Christopher Moynihan witness eternity and hopefully, they change their minds in regards to marriage.

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