Matthew Daddario’s Wife Esther Kim – Esther’s Career And Marital Life

Matthew Daddario's wife Esther KimThe Shadowhunters star Matthew Daddario is happily married to Esther Kim. Image Source: Esther Kim Instagram.

Alexandra Daddario is one of the nominees for the 2022 Emmys. But, today, it’s not her who we will be discussing. Instead, it is about her brother, Matthew Daddario. He is also involved in acting and mainly came into the limelight after starring as Alec Lightwood in the television series Shadowhunters.

Furthermore, Matthew is happily married to Esther Kim, and it has already been many years since the duo tied the knot. Did you know that Matthew Daddario’s wife is a blogger? Well, don’t worry if you weren’t aware, because, in this article, we will explore the unspoken sides of her and their love life.

Has Been Together For a Long Time

As mentioned earlier, Esther is the Shadowhunters star, Matthew Daddario’s spouse. The Daddario couple has been together for several years. Moreover, the smitten pair first uploaded their picture in March 2013. However, as per the comments on that post, Matthew and Esther began dating in 2008.

However, it remains a mystery regarding when and where the duo met. As per IMDb, the duo got married on December 31, 2017. But, the couple kept their marriage a secret and did not share any pictures of their wedding until their first anniversary.

Matthew Daddario's Wife
Matthew Daddario and Esther Kim tied the knot secretly. Image Source: Matthew Daddario Instagram.

As per Extra, Esther Kim’s husband donned a wedding band at several public appearances after his marriage ceremony. But, luckily no one noticed, and hence the lovebirds were able to keep their marital life a top-notch secret.

Furthermore, Esther and Matthew often flaunt their lovely pictures on social media. They seem to be immensely in love with each other.

Welcomed A Daughter Together

The smitten duo who tied the knot in 2017 has nearly been married for five years. Furthermore, the Daddario family welcomed a new member in 2020. In May 2020, Matthew Daddario’s wife shared the news of her pregnancy through her social media. Likewise, the former also shared the information through his Instagram post.

Just like their marriage, the couple kept their child’s birth a secret. In September 2020, Esther shared a picture of her baby girl saying, “5 generations of women.” The duo has not revealed the face of their kid yet.


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A post shared by Esther Kim (@eskimoves)

Nevertheless, Esther Kim’s daughter must be growing up with immense love and care. Hopefully, we will get to know more about Matthew Daddario’s baby girl in the near future.

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Owns A Shop

Esther Kim’s husband is making a good name for himself in the entertainment world. He has acted in several hit movies and television series. On the other hand, Matthew Daddario’s wife is involved in a different profession.

Esther is the co-founder of a clothing shop, Into The Night. It was launched in June 2020, and its goal is to inspire people to embrace opportunity and spontaneity when they travel through life. The brand’s clothes are made in New York, and they have fair working conditions and pay.

Here are some of the items in the shop along with their price.

Festival Mini Dress$250
Solid Slinky Halter Top$95
Bowery Blazer$295
Studio Bootcut Pant in Midnight$130
Bond Suiting Mini Dress$345

Table Source: Shop Into The Light

Esther must be earning considerably from her store. Many people have loved her brand, and its customers are increasing considerably. Therefore, Esther Kim’s net worth must be a substantial amount. Talking of which, her husband, Matthew Daddario, has a fortune worth $3 million.

Matthew Daddario’s Wife Is A Blogger

Apart from owning a shop, Esther is also a blogger. Matthew Daddario’s wife grew up in Cleveland. She attended Business School at Syracuse University and grew up in a Russian/Korean household. In addition, Russian is her first language, and she is also part Korean.

Furthermore, as per her blog website, Esther goes by Eskimoves. Mrs. Daddario, who has been on a plane since she was 5 months old, has traveled to several places. She tries any food and prefers to accompany her meal with some alcohol.

The gorgeous lady has been to several places like London, Seoul, Flushing, Paris, Roma, Barcelona, and many others. Her Instagram is also full of her travel pictures and different cuisines she has tried. Moreover, Esther Kim’s husband also accompanies her to different places.

Matthew Daddario's wife Esther Kim
Esther Kim has traveled to several places and is a blogger. Image Source: Esther Kim Instagram.

All in all, Matthew Daddario’s spouse seems to be doing well. Let’s hope her brand becomes more popular and flourishes in the coming days. As she recently entered into motherhood, she must be enjoying every moment. Furthermore, we hope Matthew and Esther continue living contentful lives with abundant happiness and love.

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