Who is Maurice “Mo” Fayne? Facts About L&HH’s Karlie Redd’s Fiance and Husband To Be

Karlie Redd's fiancee

American TV star Karlie Redd has gained plenty of fame and recognition through her participation in the hit VH1 reality series Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Thanks to the series, she is always in the spotlight. But despite all the attention she gets, she managed to keep her relationship with fiance Maurice “Mo” Fayne a secret from the media.

The two have been dating for a long time but only revealed their relationship after getting engaged on 18th July. While Karlie is pretty well-known, there’s not much to be said about her fiance Maurice Fayne, who is also known as Mo. But we’ve gathered some information about Karlie’s soon-to-be-husband that you should know.

karlie Redd is engaged
Maurice “Mo” Fayne proposes Karlie Redd
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1) Mo Fayne Owns a Truck Company

Karlie Redd’s fiancee Mo Fayne owns a truck company named Fayne Trucking LLC which was established in 2012 and has been running strong to this day, making a lot of profit. The company is located in Little Rock, Arizona.

The company produces a great range of excellent trucks and is pretty successful as of now. Karlie will have a pretty luxurious life thanks to all the money her fiance’s truck company makes.

2) He Keeps A Low Profile

When it comes to wanting the spotlight, Karlie and her to-be-husband Maurice are a polar opposite. While Karlie is always looking to be in the spotlight, her fiance Mo Fayne likes to keep a low profile and tries to stay low as much as possible. There are very few details available of Mo, making sure he stays away from the media and lives a low-profile life.

Mo is difficult to track on social media too. While he does have Facebook and Instagram accounts, he rarely posts much stuff on his social media accounts. If you want to look at a few pictures of Fayne on Instagram, well you’re out of luck since his Instagram account is private.

3) His Proposal To Karlie Was a Suprise

Maurice managed to surprise Karlie with his proposal on the 18th of July this year. Most of the couple’s friends and family had gathered for a release party, intended for the release of Karlie’s new song “Ferrari Karlie”. Maurice got down on his knees and proposed Karlie and she happily said yes.

Mo proposed with a stunning diamond ring that cost a whopping $150K and was made of 18-carat diamond. Karlie was filled with joy and the entire event was wonderful.

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