Meet Michael Tomlinson – Photos Of Lorraine Toussaint’s Husband and Father Of Her Daughter

Michael Tomlinson is Lorraine Toussaint's husband

Michael Tomlinson is actress Lorraine Toussaint’s husband as well as Samara Zane‘s father. The couple has been married for many years. On the one hand, Michael’s wife is very famous and popular in the entertainment industry whereas, on the other hand, Michael is a stranger for many people.

It is because he has never stepped his foot in the acting career. Perhaps he does not want to live a life where everyone stalks your peaceful life. It seems that Michael Tomlinson is fine with living the common and usual lifestyle.

Internet Blunders Michael Tomlinson’s Name Into ‘Micah Zane’

The above-mentioned headline might surprise you but it is what it is. The Internet has done a huge blunder on giving information about Lorraine Toussaint’s husband. Despite the fact, we believe that its not the internet’s fault.

Because of the lack of information about Michael Tomlinson and he, being very much as a stranger in the world led to this massive confusion in people’s mind and correspondingly to the internet as well.

Michael Tomlinson's wife is Lorraine Toussaint
Lorraine Toussaint’s husband is Michael Tomlinson, not Micah Zane. Image Sources: Zimbio

Even though Lorraine Toussaint’s husband, Michael attends some events, award functions, and so on with his wife, people may be less aware of him. They possibly give more attention to Lorraine. Michael also does not appear on photos with his wife on her Instagram account. Maybe he surely is avoiding the limelight.

Finally, the confusion came to an end when Lorraine confirmed that her husband’s name is ‘Michael Tomlinson’ in an interview with ‘LIVEKellyandRyan’. She even cracked up a joke saying she was beginning to question whether or not she was actually married to Micah Zane as everything on the internet is true.

Lorraine Toussaint’s Husband, Michael Tomlinson, With A Successful Marriage

We assume that Lorraine Toussaint and Michael Tomlinson’s marriage has been over two decades. It looks as though Michael has a very strong and loving attachment with his wife and his beautiful daughter.

Michael seems to be the kind of guy who strongly believes in marriage. He might have married his other half due to which they do not have family problems and feuds. Looks like Michael’s true love is unbounded and very rare that people do not notice at all.

Lorraine Toussaint's husband, Michael Tomlinson
Michael Tomlinson has a beautiful wife, Lorraine Toussaint as well as a gorgeous daughter Samara Zane. Image Sources: Bossip

We hope the couple remains evergreen happy. Who knows maybe one day Michael and Lorraine’s love can be the perfect example of true love.

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