Where Is Muhammad Ali’s First Wife, Sonji Roi’s Son Herman Griffin Now?

Muhammad Ali's first wife Sonji Roi's Son Herman GriffinMuhammad Ali's first wife Sonji Roi had a son named Herman Griffin. Image Source: Facebook/ Hana Ali.

The greatest boxer Late Muhammad Ali was the only man to hold the world heavyweight title three times. Not only the boxing legend and a figurehead for racial equality, Ali’s professional life is exciting, but his personal life is equally impressive too. Ali married four women and had nine children from three of them.

The first woman to marry Muhammad Ali is Sonji Roi, a.k.a. Sonji Clay. The ex-duo stayed in a marital bond for two years. In those two years, Sonji did not have any child with Muhammad Ali. However, she happened to have a son, Herman Griffin, after separating from Ali.

So, where is Herman Griffin? What is he doing nowadays? Know it all here.

Muhammad Ali And Herman Griffin’s Mother Sonji Roi’s Marriage And Divorce

The independent-minded woman Late Sonji Roi met Muhammad Ali through Ali’s manager, Herbert Muhammad, in 1964. At that time, Ali used to be known by his old name Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr.

Sonji and Muhammad tied their knot after 41 days of their meeting on 14 August 1964. However, their marriage did not last long. Sonji did not like Ali’s decision for her to switch to Islam. Moreover, she felt uneasy about accepting and practicing as well as follow the Muslim traditions.

Sonji Roy's son Herman Griffin
Sonji Roi is the first wife of Muhammad Ali. Image Source: Social Media.

As a result, Muhammad Ali’s first wife, Sonji Roi, separated with Muhammad after two years of marriage in 1966. After the divorce with Ali, Roi chose the musical field to forget her pains of separation from her beloved Ali.

Sonji Roi recorded a couple of singles, including ‘I Can’t-Wait (Until I See My Baby’s face),’ and the ballad ‘Here I am, and Here I’ll Stay.’ Though she never gained musical fame, she expected, her music had a feeling of sweet loneliness and sometimes a little sultry.

Sonji Roi Re-Married

After the short-lived wedding with Muhammad Ali, Sonji Roi moved back to Chicago from Miami, where the ex-couple were living. There she met a corporate lawyer, business advisor, and once the chairman of the City Colleges of Chicago, Reynaldo Glover. The two married soon after short dating.

After some duration of Sonji and Reynaldo’s marriage, they welcomed their first son together, Reynaldo Glover Jr. After having a child together, the once-romantic couple Roi and Glover split-up officially. The real reasons for their break up are aloof from the media eyes.

Sonji Roi's son Herman Griffin
Muhammad Ali’s first wife, Sonji Roi married again after her divorce with Ali. Image Source: Muhammad Ali Center’s Twitter.

Talking more about the second husband of Sonji Roi, Reynaldo, he married thrice and divorced twice. After Sonji, Glover took a wedding vow with Pamela Glover. The duo shares three kids, a son Ryan Glover and Brian Glover and a daughter, Shea Glover. After some years of marriage with Pamela, Glover left this world at the age of 64, in 2007 from pancreatic cancer.

One Of The Sons Of Sonji: Herman Griffin

As we mentioned earlier, Muhammad Ali’s first wife, Sonji Roi, entered the field of music after parting away with Ali. There she came up to meet and deal with several entertainment-related personalities. Probably. during that time, Sonji could have dated some of them. As a consequence, Sonji possibly might have became the mother of a son named Herman Griffin. Though, the biological dad of Herman Griffin is not known to the public yet.

Coming to Herman Griffin, he is just known to the public as the son of Sonji Roi. Further information regarding his education, profession, and other similar details are behind the curtain. Moreover, there are no photos of Sonji Roi’s son available on social media.

It seems like Herman Griffin prefers to live a life far from the media paparazzi. He might not want any dramas in his life due to his popularity linking with Ali’s name. Hence, there is no single information regarding what Sonji Roi’s son might be doing in the present.

Death Of Sonji Roi And The Reasons

Herman Griffin’s mother Sonji Roi lived away from the spotlight after divorcing her second spouse Reynaldo Glover. Roi again came to the news headlines only after her sudden demise at the age of 59.

Muhammad Ali’s former wife, Sonji, breathed her last breathe in her Hyde Park home on Chicago’s South Side. The Cook County medical examiner said that Roi died of natural causes. So no autopsy was performed. However, Sonji’s nephew told the news that a heart attack resulted in her death.

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