Nathan Lane’s Husband Devlin Elliott – Look At The Pair’s Marital Life And Devlin’s Career

Nathan Lane's Husband, Devlin ElliottNathan Lane shares a blisful marital life with Devlin Elliott since 2015. Image Source: Devlin Elliott Twitter.

Nathan Lane, born Joseph Lane, is a renowned actor and writer of American nationality. He is famous for both comedic and dramatic roles on the screen. In his over a forty-year career, the three-time Tony Award-winning star has accumulated immense fame and fortune.

Owing to Nathan’s fame and reputation in the film industry, his personal life has also come into the limelight. Well, the New Jersey native leads a happy life with his longtime partner, Devlin Elliott. So, who is Nathan Lane’s husband? Let’s get to know him in this article. Keep reading to know the smitten couple’s love story.

The Pair Has Been Married Since 2015

After dating for 18 years, Devlin Elliott and Nathan Lane tied the knot on 17 November 2015. The Lane-Elliott couple tied the knot in a small ceremony in New York City. Everyone was extremely happy, The Birdcage actor’s publicist said to the People.

The married duo has been happily together ever since. In addition, the lovebirds seem to be enjoying the togetherness. In addition, the married duo hasn’t welcomed any children together yet. In contrast, they are parenting a cute French bulldog, Mabel.

In a talk with USA Today in November 2015, Nathan Lane’s husband said that Mabel is like their version of a child. The actor’s partner jokingly said that the dog is sometimes a little neurotic and needy. All she wants is to be picked up and held like a baby. Nevertheless, the smitten pair seems to love their pet dog a lot. Mabel is one lucky dog to have found such loving parents.

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Co-authored A Book Together

Just before tying the knot, Nathan and his partner wrote a children’s book. It might be surprising to hear that their book is based on their over-privileged dog, Mabel. Well, they say you can’t judge the book by its cover, but the statement goes wrong in this case. The hilarious picture on the cover page makes it evident how much the book will make us laugh.

Following the fame of its authors, the book also gained a lot of popularity. On top of that, Mabel is now a celebrity. Devlin stated that living with their pet is like living with a supermodel and is very difficult. She has 26 different allergies and must eat prescription dried kangaroo dog food. We can see Nathan and Devlin’s pet dog or baby is enjoying a comfortable lifestyle.

Nathan Lane’s Husband Has A Few Acting Credits

While many people may recognize Devlin Elliott as the partner of Nathan Lane, he is also a fellow actor with few acting credits. Devlin was born on 13 April 1972. He has worked on several roles in television series and movies. His acting stint may have been small and brief, but he soon got noticed and achieved considerable success.

Nathan Lane's Husband, Devlin Elliott
Nathan Lane’s husband, Devlin Elliott, has a few acting credits. Image Source: Social Media.

Furthermore, the handsome guy started his career with the television series The X-Files. He was a pizza delivery guy in the show. Other works of Elliott include Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Frasier, and Sweet Union. Moreover, Devlin has also appeared as a guest in The View and the documentary TV series, Working in the Theatre. Currently, The Gilded Age actor’s partner is a playwright and theater producer.

Devlin Elliott Net Worth And Earnings

As a playwright and theatre producer, Nathan Lane’s partner must be earning a hefty sum of fortune. As per Glassdoor, a theatre producer makes an average salary of $56,206 yearly. Meanwhile, a playwright makes $76,656 per year. Thus, Devlin Elliott’s net worth must be a substantial amount.

On the other hand, his husband, Nathan Lane’s net worth is reported to be $20 million, which he primarily amassed from his acting career. Considering the fortune of the adorable couple, there is no doubt they are enjoying a luxurious life together.

To conclude, Nathan Lane’s husband is one of the most established theatre producers and a playwright. In addition, he is living comfortably with his partner and beloved pet, Mabel. We wish Devlin Elliott and his loved ones a prosperous life ahead.

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