Who Is Paul Wahlberg’s Wife? Is He Married? A Proud Father Of Two

Paulo Wahlberg's wife and daughterPaul Wahlberg's spouse is one of the most grounded wife ever. But she has nurtured her family exceptionally well. Image Source: Madison's Instagram,

Born on March 20, 1964, in the Wahlberg family, Paul Wahlberg went on to become an American actor, chef, and reality tv personality. Mark Wahlberg’s brother is famous for his works on The Happening, Max Payne, and Wahlburgers. Besides acting, he is also a renowned chef and the owner of Wahlburgers.

The famous burger house owner, Paul Wahlberg, enjoys a very successful marriage. However, he seems private about his matters and would prefer it under wraps. Yet, we tried to dig in Paul Wahlberg’s wife and all the other stuff. Let’s hop on to it then.

Who Is Paul Wahlberg’s Wife?

Honestly, Paul Wahlberg’s wife seems to be a very private person. She has made limited appearances in public, and her name is buried into the earth.

As mentioned above, Paul Wahlberg seems to love to draw a line from his professional and personal matters. Although that’s an excellent way to protect the family, especially when one belongs to an entertainment family, Paul’s fans must be disappointed not to find about his beautiful wife.

Paul Wahlberg's wife
Paul Wahlberg’s partner is a very secretive woman. Image Source: Madison Wahlberg’s Instagram.

Nevertheless, Paul Wahlberg’s wife seems to enjoy her private life and continue to live happily with her family. A family man who has won a woman’s heart, and with skills in the kitchen is a jackpot. Unfortunately, because of the couple’s secretive nature, there is no clue about their relationship details and marriage dates.

Therefore, despite being handicapped about Paul Wahlberg’s wife’s whereabouts, they must be enjoying their meals without having to worry about paparazzi.

Paul Wahlberg Is A Proud Father Of Two

Even though we have very little about Paul Wahlberg’s relationship details, the couple has been together for over two decades. The secretive couple is a proud parent of two young children.

Paul Wahlberg’s beautiful blue-eyed wife gave birth to two beautiful children, Madison Wahlberg and Ethan Wahlberg. Both Madison and Ethan have shown up in their father’s reality show, Wahlburgers.

They are adorable and seem to share a good bond with their father and mother too. Now. Let’s talk about Paul Wahlberg’s children simultaneously.

Paul Wahlberg’s Daughter, Madison Wahlberg

Children learn from their parents. And Wahlberg’s daughter is no different. Born in December 1998, Madison Wahlberg has adapted her parent’s secretive lifestyle pretty well.

Along with the mystery life, Madison has also acquired her parent’s beautiful eyes. Going through her Instagram, she seems to be a travel enthusiast and a mixture of classy & dope woman.


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Fortunately, Wahlberg’s daughter seems more easy-going about her relationship and does not shy away from sharing her love with the world. She appears to be dating and is genuinely in love with her boyfriend, Tyler Muniz.

Furthermore, Paul Wahlberg’s daughter is more expressive and is living a life out of the spotlight, cherishing her love for her family.

Paul Wahlberg’s Son Is A Musician

While praising Madison for being expressive, things might alter with Ethan. He prefers to take his privacy very seriously as his account.

Although Paul Wahlberg’s son is keeping things private, he has chosen a musical career. Ethan Wahlberg is a part of band N O // E S C A P E. How aesthetically named for a metal band! He is the vocalist of the metalcore band since 2017.

Paul Wahlberg's son
Paul Wahlberg’s son, Ethan might is the vocalist of a metal band called N O E S C A P E. Image Source: no_escape_official/Instagram.

Wahlberg’s son is earning well from his merch business too. When it comes to love, both Wahlberg’s children does not shy away from letting the world know about their relationship status.

Paul’s son, Ethan, is in a relationship with Katie McCloskey. Going through Ethan Wahlberg’s girlfriend’s account, she looks badass and gorgeous.

Paul Wahlberg’s children are growing up fast and succeeding in their life pretty smoothly. Both Papa and Mama Wahlberg must be profoundly proud of his two gems. Although it’s a bummer that Paul Wahlberg’s wife is exceptionally secretive, the Wahlberg family is living comfortably.

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