Who Is Robert Wahlberg’s Wife Gina Santangelo? Married For More Than 2 Decades

Robert Wahlberg's wife Gina Wahlberg aka Gina SantangeloRobert Wahlberg's wife, Gina Wahlberg is a beautiful woman who has good understanding of color and life. Image Source: Getty Image.

Robert Wahlberg is an accomplished American actor known for his roles in movies like The Departed, Gone Baby Gone, and The Equalizer. Moreover, he also worked as a producer in a few reality television shows.

Famous actor Mark Wahlberg’s brother, Robert Wahlberg, is a man of secrecy. Although it looks like everything is out there, he has managed to keep his personal life a secret. Furthermore, his wife, Gina Santangelo, seems to be far more secretive than him. Nevertheless, we have tried to find out a few things about the couple and Robert Wahlberg’s wife. Let’s dig in.

Who Is Robert Wahlberg’s Wife, Gina Santangelo?

Robert Wahlberg’s partner, Gina Santangelo, is a wonderful woman who loves art and also sells earrings and stuff. She seems to be a genuine person but is a great secret keeper.

Robert Wahlberg, aka Bob Wahlberg’s wife, Gina, is self-employed. She sells goodies like earrings, clothes, etc., on a site called Stella & Dot. Likewise, she is also interested in artworks. Most of her works seem to be abstract and a mix of contemporary art.


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Well, Robert Wahlberg’s wife, Gina, was born to  Charles Santangelo and Elizabeth Ann Santangelo in Dorchester, Massachusetts. She has three sisters, Melissa O. Putman, Tina Marie Santangelo, and Elizabeth Ann Santangelo and a brother, Charles “Chaz” Santangelo.

Sadly, Gina Santangelo Wahlberg‘s brother, Charles, died in 2007, leaving behind memories. Furthermore, Gina Whalberg’s father, Charles, served in the Marines and suffered from a disease called Hypolakemia. The disease has weakened her father’s muscles and legs, which has prevented him from moving around.

According to an article, Gina Wahlberg’s family sought help from the community with their efforts to support their father, who was regaining mobility. The Santangelo family set up a GoFundMe page in 2019 and solicited donations. The Santangelo family was humbled by the neighbors’ support.

Despite hardships, Robert Wahlberg’s wife, Gina, has managed to keep her chins up and support her family with a light heart.

Robert Wahlberg And Gina Wahlberg’s Relationship

When it comes to their relationship, the couple has maintained their privacy. Although Bob and Gina have been married to one another for 25 years, their love remains the same.

Bob Wahlberg and Gina Wahlberg have been together for three decades and are married for 26 years. Impressive! Despite having a busy life, Robert aka Bob Wahlberg always prioritize his family and loves to spend quality time with them.

Robert Wahlberg's wife
Robert Wahlberg and Gina Wahlberg celebrated three decades of their life together. Image Source: Gina’s Instagram.

Despite being together for so long, they share the same passion for one another. However, some rumors of them parting ways have sparked, but it is not entirely confirmed. Besides, Robert Wahlberg’s brother, Mark Wahlberg, also wished them on their 25th anniversary last year, so the rumors should be because of their limited public presence.

Have Two Children Together

The 26 years of marriage gifted them with two adorable children. Robert Wahlberg’s partner, Gina, gave birth to a son, Oscar Wahlberg, and daughter, Charlie Wahlberg.

Robert Wahlberg's children
Robert and Gina gave birth to two talented children during their 26 years of blissful marriage. Image Source: Gina/Oscar Instagram.

The family of four loves to spend their spare time together. Although Bob is busy with his career as an actor/ producer and works in a local power company, he prioritizes his family. They share the love for baseball and play around during their weekends.

Likewise, Bob and Gina are supportive parents and encourage them to discover their passion via different activities.

Robert Wahlberg’s Son Is An Actor

The ancient proverb, ‘Like Father, Like Son,’ suits this father-son duo. Robert Wahlberg’s son, Oscar Wahlberg, has decided to follow the spotlight his father and uncles, Mark, sought.

At a young age, Oscar has appeared in several movies including Manchester by the Sea, What Doesn’t Kill You, Slender Man, On Broadway, etc. Moreover, Bob Wahlberg’s son has also appeared in television series like Louie, NOS4A2, etc. It looks like Oscar is eager to live up to his name.

Robert Wahlberg’s wife, Gina Wahlberg, shares her children’s’ pictures once in a while. The family seems to be in harmony and are living their life happily.

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