Saoirse Ronan’s Boyfriend is Swedish Ballet Dancer Calum Lowden

Saoirse Ronan and Calum Lowden

Irish-American actor Saoirse Ronan has had a storied acting career, winning several accolades over the course of her career, most notably earning three Academic Award from her acting endeavors. Along with her success on the big screen, Saorise has found great success in her personal life as well. This is thanks to the love between her and her boyfriend Calum Lowden.

Calum is a renowned ballet dancer from Sweden who has a massive fan following in Europe. He is best known for his performances in big-time productions like The Nutcracker and Alice in Wonderland. Trained in England, he is one of the most talented ballet dancers in the world and is a trailblazer in the field of ballet dancing.

Calum Lowden is a ballet dancer.
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Saoirse and Calum met earlier this year during the 2018 BAFTAs and that was the start of them being romantically involved. They reportedly met through mutual friends at the end of the show. The Sun reported that the chemistry between the two was undeniable. A person who was at the event went on to say that Saoirse was happy despite not winning an award thanks to Calum.

Ever since meeting as the BAFTAs, the two have been dating and are in love with each other. They don’t really appear in front of the media as they want to keep things under wraps and stay away from grabbing any attention from the media. When asked about their relationship, both have denied that they are dating each other but if reports are to be believed, they are deeply in love with each other.

Calum and Saoirse
Calum and Saoirse have a great spark about them.
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As far as previous relationships go, Saoirse Ronan’s previous boyfriend was Hozier, who is a singer-songwriter from Wicklow. There aren’t many details about the two’s relationship available but we know that the two were together in the past. As far as Calum’s former girlfriends go, there is any news, facts, or rumor about that till now.

Calum’s Ballet Dancing

Calum has spent all his career as a ballet dancer and is a master of his craft. He states that he was inspired by fellow Irish dancer Michael Flatley. He fell in love with ballet dancing after watching the movie Riverdance, and the movie persuaded him to follow a career in ballet dancing.

Calum is a ballet dancer.
Calum is a member of the Royal Swedish Ballet.
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Calum started dancing when he was just 5 years old and he later joined the Royal Swedish Ballet. Saoirse’s boyfriend Calum is best known for his performances in movies like Alice in Wonderland and The Nutcracker.

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