Meet Sofia Bella Pagan – Photos of Angelo Pagan’s Daughter With Wife Leah Remini

Angelo Pagan with his daughter Sofia Bella Pagan and Wife Leah ReminiAngelo Pagan's daughter with his beautiful wife, Leah Remini is Sofia Bella Pagan. Image Source: Pinterest.

Angelo Pagan’s daughter Sofia Bella Pagan was born on the 16th of June, 2004 in Los Angeles. She is the only child of Angelo Pagan with wife Leah Remini. During the time of birth, Sofia was measured 18 inches and weighed 6 pounds and 4.7 ounces.

Both of the parents love their daughter Sofia a lot. Sofia also has been a member of an American TV series “Leah Remini: It’s All Relative”. Angelo Pagan’s wife Leah Remini left the Church of Scientology in order to focus on their daughter Sofia.

Sofia Bella Pagans’ parents are TV personalities. Both Angelo Pagan and Leah Remini are the fellow cast members of an American sitcom series, “The King Of Queens.” So, let’s come back to the topic and know more about Angelo Pagan’s daughter, Sofia Bella.

Angelo Pagan’s Daughter Is All Grown Up

The cute daughter of Angelo Pagan is all grown up now. A couple of years ago, Angelo Pagan’s daughter Sofia celebrated her 14th birthday. She is her daddy’s princess. Not only that but she also quite has a princess-like name. Her parents love her so much that they can do anything just to see her happy all the time.

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If you go through Leah Remini’s Instagram feed, then you will see how much she adores her daughter Sofia. In September 2015, Sofia was baptized, and Leah posted a photo of her happy family stating that it was a new beginning.

As mentioned earlier, Sofia is the only child of Angelo and Leah. Sofia Bella Pagan is fortunate to have got such parents who cherish about her a lot. There isn’t much information, but the adorable Sofia also has got three half-brothers from her dad’s side. Perhaps, she has a close relationship with her half-brothers too.

Daughter of Angelo Pagan
Angelo Pagan’s daughter, Sofia Bella Pagan during the time of her Baptism alongside her mom, Leah, and other family members. Image Source; Leah Remini’s Instagram.

So, in all, Sofia Bella Pagan is growing up as a gorgeous girl like her mom. She is so lucky to have such loving and caring parents indeed.

Sofia Bella Has A Private Instagram Account

Speaking of Instagram, Sofia also has her own Instagram handle that’s on private but doesn’t use it often. Well, she has posted over four photos all together and has over 600 followers. It looks as though she is maintaining a distance from the limelight and media. It looks as though she loves to live a low-profile and subtle life.

lovely family of Angelo Pagan
Sofia Bella Pagan, with father Angelo and mother Leah Remini, when she was small. Photo Source; Getty Images.

Or it could even be that the gorgeous Sofia is working hard to make a great mark in the showbiz industry like her parents. She might be taking time before she could pursue a career. Even though Sofia is famous as Angelo Pagan and Leah Remini’s daughter, she might be working hard to make a bright future.

Name Meaning – Sofia Bella Pagan

The name Sofia came from Spanish origin, meaning ‘wisdom.’ Similarly, Bella refers to ‘beautiful’ and it came from the French word, ‘Belle.’

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