Is Unghetto Mathieu Dating Anyone? Learn More About His Girlfriend

Unghetto Mathieu's girlfriendUnghetto Mathieu is currently single and building an impressive career. Image Source: Unghetto Mathieu's Instagram.

Unghetto Mathieu is a rapper and dancer from Mathieu Mayumba. The Georgia native entered the entertainment world as a dancer with Team NueEra. Furthermore, the team eventually appeared on several records, including ‘Gang Up,’ Colors‘, ‘Yeah‘, etc. 

Moreover, Unghetto had signed Priority Records and joined Lil Yachty and several notable singers in different events. With proliferating fame and career, Unghetto Mathieu’s fans are eager to learn about his relationship status as well. Therefore, let’s know about Unghetto Mathieu’s girlfriend and if he is dating anyone in the first place. Ready to crush heart? 

Presumably Single

People are more concerned about building their career and brand name in the present context than love affairs and relationships. Such is the case of rapper cum dancer Unghetto Mathieu. He is probably dating his career and is away from all the relationship shenanigans. 

Furthermore, Unghetto Mathieu has been producing songs and managing his YouTube channel single-handedly. 

Therefore, he might not have time for relationships. However, Mathieu could be dating his girlfriend without his fans’ knowledge. 

Furthermore, it’s not that Unghetto Mathieu never dated. The talented dancer and rapper dated YouTuber Asia Pitt preciously. Therefore, let’s take a look into Mathieu’s past relationships. 

Dated Asia Pitt 

Relationships in the present era are far too complicated than those in the past. Among such complicated and brief relationships were Unghetto Mathieu and his ex-girlfriend, Asia Pitt

The couple dated briefly before parting ways in 2020. Although there isn’t much about the pair’s initial days of dating, they uploaded several videos together. Interestingly, their videos are still accumulating several viewers on YouTube, which has several thousand views to date. 

Unghetto Mathieu's girlfriend Asia Pitt
Unghetto Mathieu dated Asia Pitt briefly. Image Source: Social Media.

Likewise, Lavaado revealed that Asia Pitt and Unghetto Pitt dated during the early 2020s. During a ‘Loyalty Test‘ video, Asia proved she’s loyal and loves her man. Unghetto’s girlfriend is a YouTuber and shares several common interests with him. She has more than 50 thousand followers on Instagram and 45.2k subscribers on YouTube. 

Although the pair were inseparable in the past, time would part them eventually. He next revealed their split during a ‘Lie Detector test‘ in his channel. 

The video was uploaded in October 2020, where he requested his fans to quit bothering them with relationship-related questions. 

As of now, Unghetto and Asia have broken up and are enjoying their lives separately. Probably, leading to a better career and a brighter future.

Opened Up About Infidelity During Lie Detecting Test 

Well, the Internet has become one of the key places to find people and share their love. However, it is one of the main reasons a couple part ways and infidelity rises. 

Plastic rapper Unghetto is no different from the cheating culture. During a lie detector test, he confessed to cheating on one of his ex-partners. He further admitted to having an entanglement. Could this involve Unghetto Mathieu’s ex-girlfriend, Asia Pitt? Or is he into some other relationship? Only Unghetto would unveil the truth. Until then, we might have to believe that Mathieu’s relationship with his career is salient. 


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Well, the world’s weird when people start hurting people over love, and Unghetto did something like that in the past as well. He was further caught telling lies about h**s and denied having a girlfriend whatsoever. He also thought a good minute when asked if he’d like his kids to date someone like him. 

Well, let’s hope Unghetto Mathieu’s girlfriend comes into his life and change his way of creating a relationship, all while supporting his growth professionally. All the world’s luck to Unghetto and his future relationship. 

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