Who Is Will Buxton’s Wife? Had Tweeted About His Engagement With HIs Girlfriend

Will Buxton's wife Victoria HelyarWill Buxton's to-be wife Victoria Helyar is a beautiful, hardworking woman. Image Source: Buxton's Instagram.

Will Buxton is a British Formula One presenter and reporter who started his career in 2002 from the Official Formula One Magazine. Throughout his career, he has done multiple shows and worked his way up to Liberty Media.

Besides being an aspiring television presenter, Will is a phenomenal partner and is engaged to his fiancee, Victoria Helyar. Hence, we will be talking about Buxton’s partner, Victoria Helyar, in this article. Let’s follow. 

Will Buxton’s To-Be Wife Is A TrackSide Marketing Manager 

The British reporter Will Buxton is a catch, but so is his fiancee, Victoria Helyar. She serves as a trackside marketing manager and is a very private person. Furthermore, Victoria Helyar’s LinkedIn shows off her extensive experiences exquisitely. 

Will Buxton’s to-be wife, Victoria, graduated from the University of Worcester with Honors in BSc and Sports Studies. Furthermore, she worked rigorously to make her name outshine, amongst others, since 2009. Going through her LinkedIn, it is evident how much of a hard worker Buxton’s partner is. 

Currently, Victoria serves as a trackside marketing manager since January 2019. Before that, she was a senior partner manager for SportsPea Racing Point F1 Team. She has been associated with the company since 2018. 

Furthermore, Buxton’s sweetheart also worked as an account manager for the Sahara Force India Formula One for four years from January 2014. Likewise, Victoria also has the experience of an Account executive and assistant for BSLWorld for almost two years. 

The beautiful to-be-wife of Will Buxton, Victoria, has amassed massive experiences that have allowed her to live comfortably and independently. 

Private Person 

Although we may have witnessed her work profile, Will Buxton’s better half, Victoria’s Instagram is private. Hence, she prefers living without likes and seems like she is enjoying it to the fullest. 

Garnering almost 700 followers, Buxton’s to be wife describes herself as a fun-loving person. Although she remains private, her partner, Will, occasionally posts about her and boasts their love via his social media handle. 

Hence, let’s hope to see more of Buxton’s fiancee in the future. 

Announced Their Engagement Via Twitter 

Well, Victoria Helyar’s fiance, Will Buxton, seems to be a fan of announcing major events via tweets. From getting fired to announcing the engagement, Will has grown quite a bit, eh? 

The Formula 1 reporter, Buxton, announced his engagement to his long-term girlfriend, Victoria, in 2018 via twitter. He captioned pretty vaguely yet clearly, ‘ I asked. She laughed. She answered. We kissed. She will. We are.’ As of now, the marriage is on hold. 

Will Buxton's wife Victoria Helyar
Will Buxton announced his engagement via his social media handle. Image Source: Will’s Instagram.

As it turns out, Will’s fiancee is making the final call, and he is patiently waiting for their big day. 

Currently, Will and Victoria are enjoying being engaged and sharing their love via Instagram. As aforementioned, Will Buxton’s to-be wife is a private person. However, Will often appreciates her presence in his life publicly. 

Victoria And Will’s Marital Life

As the lovely couple is head over heels for one another, they gave a new name to their relationship in April 2022. Victoria Helyar and Will Buxton tied the knot in a wedding ceremony. The British reporter made the news official by sharing a beautiful picture on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. Both of them are happy and excited about their new journey together.

Furthermore, Will Buxton’s wife also shared the picture on her Instagram account. All of their families and friend congratulated and wished them a beautiful life ahead. Also, she enjoyed a bachelorette party before her wedding. We wish the newly wedded couple a blissful marital life ahead.

Has A Step Daughter 

Will and Victoria Helyar has been dating since 2015 and celebrating every minute of their love. However, Buxton has a beautiful daughter with his former partner. 


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A post shared by Will Buxton (@wbuxtonofficial) on

Will proudly writes Sophie’s dad on his bio and shares several pictures of them. Furthermore, he also wrote a blog on how he managed to fly home and be with his newborn back in 2010. Unfortunately, we do not know who the baby mama is, but Buxton’s daughter, Sophie Buxton, takes a lot from her mother. 

Moreover, Victoria seems to love Sophie and spends quality time with her, as well. 

Well, Victoria Helyar, Will Buxton’s to-be wife, is a private person but charming. Hence, let’s hope to hear about their wedding soon. 

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