Who Is WWE Star Carlito’s Girlfriend? Any Children Yet?

Carlito's girlfriendWWE star Carlito has been quiet about his love life. Image Source: Social Media.

Born Carlos Edwin Colon Jr., Carlito is a professional wrestler from Puerto Rico. He is the son of a famous former wrestler and founder of WWC (World Wrestling Council), Carlos Colon Sr. Carlito began his wrestling career at his father’s promotion WWC, based in Puerto Rico, in 1999 and has been in the spotlight for many years now.

The WWE star has earned a significant amount of name and fame with his extraordinary career. He is the seventeen-time winner of the WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship. As a result, the wrestler’s personal life has become the subject of interest to the public. So, in today’s article, let’s get to know if the famous wrestler is dating anyone or not.

Carlito’s On-Screen Relationship History

Although the wrestler has been quiet about his real-life love, his on-screen romances once gained huge attention from the media. Even though Carlito’s girlfriend in his real-life has not come into the spotlight, his on-screen partners have some crazy stories.

Carly Colon made a big impact on WWE’s SmackDown during his initial run. Even so, his shine slowly started to run down as he moved to Raw. Therefore, in the hope of generating a unique gimmick, he was paired with multiple female managers, valets, and on-screen partners, including Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson, Brie Bella, and Rosa Mendes. 

Carlito and Trish Stratus

Among all the wrestler’s on-screen relations, the most unexplainable one is the first with the Canadian Hall of Famer, Trish Stratus. The on-screen relationship of the couple didn’t demonstrate any chemistry as a pair. In addition to that, the public also noticed the unmatched chemistry of the duo.

After all, the relationship didn’t last for long and ended abruptly as Trish announced her retirement after a couple of weeks. She was going to tie the knot with her childhood sweetheart after her retirement.

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Carlito And Torrie Wilson

Another highlight of the WWE stars’ on-screen relationship is his bond with another Hall of Fame inductee, Torrie Wilson. However, this alliance wasn’t much to note as they lasted only a month.

Torrie got an opportunity to be involved with both Ric Flair and Carlito, but they would feud and team up within a month. Furthermore, Flair took a mentorship role for Carly, and together the duo would win a dark match at WrestleMania.

However, Carlito left Flair after losing a number one contender’s match. As a result, the WWE champion also ended his on-screen relationship with Torrie and turned heel again. Moreover, the wrestler even defeated Wilson in a single match in June 2007.

As reported by The Sportster, Bruce Prichard shared that Carlito had a close relationship with most women on the roster. This fact inspired the writers at WWE to show that side of Carly Colon on the screen and include him in on-screen relationships.

Who Is WWE Star Carlito’s Girlfriend?

The WWE star has been active in the ring since 1999 and has won several matches. Some of his notable wins include WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight Championship, WWE United States Championship, and many more to list.

As already addressed, he is quite popular among his female colleagues. He must also have dated at least a few times. But unfortunately, Carlito is a person of privacy and has been keeping his love life details only to himself.

Carlito's girlfriend
Carlito is the son of a former wrestler and founder of WWC promotion, Carlos Colon Sr. Image Source: Social Media.

Carly Colon’s professional life is like an open book, but his personal life is like a treasure box. He is not married, but he has not disclosed any information regarding his love life. We respect the star’s choice to keep his relationship away from media scrutiny. Moreover, he has been quiet about his partner and doesn’t seem to have any children.

Nonetheless, Carlito has accomplished great success in his professional career. He is living a comfortable life that many would dream of achieving. The person who would become Carlito’s girlfriend will be one of the luckiest girls.

Let’s hope the champion will meet an amazing woman with whom he could spend the happiest life and also welcome some children together.

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