Queer Artist Zand Is Generating Controversy With Their Powerful And Uplifting Music. So Who Are They Targeting Their Masterpieces For?

Zand's controversyThe queer artist Zand is not only a musician but also an actor. Image Source: Zand Instagram.

American musician and nightlife personality Kayvon Zand resides in New York City. Being a Queer, Zand prefers he/they pronouns. He is well renowned for his unique live performances and parties and his well-known personal style featuring Elvis Presley jumpsuits and John Sex hair.

The musician is the founder of the model management and niche casting agency Zandwagon. This queer artist is gaining fame due to his controversial music. So tag along and continue reading to know more about your next favorite artist, Zand.

The Most Painful Experience Of Zand

Kayvon Zand was born in Wilmington, North Carolina, to Tabandeh Zand, Ph.D., and Hormoze Goudarzi. His mother raised Zand as a single parent, and he first learned Persian. Regarding his family, Zand has stated that his family’s circumstances resemble a soap opera. However, with his mom and sister, whom Zand adores deeply, he grew up having a wonderful time.


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Kayvon added that he tried contacting his father and other half-siblings but was turned away. He added that it was one of the most painful experiences he had. Zand’s mother’s family is descended from the Zand dynasty. Moreover, while still in his teens, Zand’s job as a fashion model gave him the freedom to travel outside his birthplace in Europe.

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Zand Is Also An Actor

Talking about Zand, let’s take a look at what he is doing in his career. Electronic dance music by Zand is influenced by the 1980s. Producers like Chew Fu and Gomination produce the final tracks after he writes all of his music. Additionally, Zand plays the violin and viola and is a self-taught pianist.

Furthermore, Zand performed at the Life Ball in Vienna in 2011. The One Way Flight remix and Just Give It Away are two EPs that he has further issued. For each of his EPs, Zand has produced a music video. Moreover, Mike Ruiz directed the music videos for One Way Flight and Just Give It Away. Both of these music videos were released by Interview Magazine and Wild Magazine, respectively. In 2021, Zand served as the festival’s headlining act.

Apart from a career in the music industry, this talented hot pop star is also into acting. Zand has performed in theaters and movies. He appeared in Alfred Preisser and Randy Weiner’s Caligula Maximus-Featuring Kayvon Zand, which Stephen Pevner produced. Likewise, he appeared in the movie Starrbooty, where he played a terrorist and Elvis Presley on one of the episodes of The World’s Astonishing News, a popular Japanese show. Additionally, we can also see Zand’s acting skills in Glory Daze.

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Zand Is Generating Controversy

Being an artist, especially in Hollywood, everyone is already looking at your every move and what you are up to. There isn’t much privacy. Needless to say, when faced with this, Zand was not a stranger. Being an iconic pop artist, Zand has been through many difficulties. Additionally, what you read next may shock you. After failing to impress all of the judges during his first audition, singer Kayvon Zand went back to America’s Got Talent judge Cuts to make amends.

Zand's controversy
Zand failed to impress the judges of America’s Got Talent on his first go. Image Source: Zand Instagram.

He decided to do something entirely different for his second performance in season 10. However, it was his attitude and mindset that really negatively grabbed everyone’s attention. So what happened? Kayvon sought to dazzle Mel B with a faster-paced tune. She and Heidi Klum gave him a buzzer at the beginning of his audition. But happily, the panel of judges allowed him another opportunity to show off his skills. He sang You Spin Me Right Round by Dead or Alive.

The audience was anticipating Howie Mandel‘s response as Mel B, Heidi, and Howard Stern buzzed him. However, he was later informed by Howard that his act lacked talent. Then Kayvon returned to the piano to disprove Howie, who responded by giving him a red buzzer. Later on, one of the guest judges, Piers Morgan, stated that if Zand won the show, the competition’s name would be America’s Got Obnoxious Little Brats. He added that Zand’s actions were offensive and plainly insulting to the judging panel. After rambling on in an attempt to defend his remarks, Kayvon finally exited the stage.

Is Zand Targeting Queer People In His Lyrics?

Individual interpretation will determine whether an artist, like Zand, is targeting a specific group or not based on the topics and subject matter of his lyrics.  The meaning of a song’s lyrics might change over time and be interpreted differently by various listeners. So, needless to say, whether the artist is targeting a specific group of people or not, the artist themself have yet to reveal it.

All and all, we hope that Zand is doing well and is living a comfortable life with his partner Anna Zand and their three children; Zara Zand, Aslan Zand, and Atlas Zand. We wish him the very best for his future adventures and plans.

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