Zak Starkey Net Worth – Is He A Multi-Millionaire Like His Father Ringo Starr?

Zak Starkey's net worthRingo Star's son, Zak Starkey's net worth is also in millions. Image Source: Social Media.

Zak Starkey is not just famous for being one of the greatest drummers, Ringo Starr‘s son. He is notorious as an English drummer who is performing and recording with the English rock band, The Who since early 1996. Besides, Starkey was the drummer of another English rock band, Oasis, from 2004 to 2008. To date, he has performed and recorded with numerous acclaimed rock bands and musicians, including The Spencer Davis Group, the Icicle Works, and many more. Starkey is the founding member of Johnny Marr & The Healers.

Like his father, Ringo Starr, Starkey has amassed an impressive sum of money through his career in the music industry. Here, learn the famous English drummer Zak Starkey’s net worth and earnings which he gathers from his successful career as a drummer.

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Zak Starkey’s Net Worth And Earnings

As mentioned earlier, Zak Starkey is a band member of the renowned English band, The Who and has worked with numerous acclaimed music artists to date. From his thriving career as a drummer, Starkey has amassed multi-millions on his total assets. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the Hammersmith, London-born drummer Zak Starkey’s net worth is $20 million. It might have increased in the present date due to his increasing numbers of contracts and collaborations.

Zak Starkey's net worth
Zak Starkey’s main source of income is his career as a drummer. Image Source: Social Media.

The Holidays Band magazine reports that professional drummers earn nearly or more than $50K per year. Most of their income comes from their live performances. Moreover, celebrity drummers like Phil Collins make multi-millions for every performance. So, with increasing fame and years-long experience as a drummer, Zak Starkey also bags a similar amount which adds to his rising net worth.

Zak Starkey’s father, Ringo Starr’s net worth was $350 million in 2020, making him the richest drummer worldwide. As it is certainly a huge amount compared to Zak Starkey’s fortune in the present, it is speculated that he will also add similar dollars to his assets soon.

Zak Starkey’s Earnings From His Associated Bands And Other Sources

As we mentioned multiple times, celebrity drummer Zak Starkey has worked with numerous acclaimed bands and musicians. So, his total earnings are based on those band’s incomes from selling their albums. The average prices of some of the albums’ audio CDs released by the bands in which Starkey performed as a drummer are enlisted as below.

  • Ringo And His All-Star Band (1990) – $11.34
  • Got To Be Tough By Toots & The Maytals (2020) – $9.79
  • Dig Out Your Soul By Oasis (2008): $9.99
  • Who by The Who (2019)- $8.49
  • Endless Wire (2006)- $7.81
  • Don’t Believe The Truth by Oasis (2005): $22.49

Besides, there are numerous other music projects in which Zak Starkey worked as a drummer, which added some dollars to his increasing net value. Moreover, Starkey also adds some amount to his bank balance as royalty from the sellers of the drum kits used and signed by him during various musical tours. One of the sets of the drum kits used by Starkey during The Who’s 2012-2013 Quadrophenia tour was listed on sale for $29,995. He might have got a certain percentage from the seller as his share.

Career Highlights Of Zak Starkey

Zak Starkey’s father, Ringo Starr, wanted him to be a lawyer, doctor, or similar profession. However, since his early childhood, Zak had an interest in his father’s profession. Ever since after his father’s friend, and his godfather, Keith Moon, gifted him a drum kit and discussed drumming with him, he grew an interest in drumming. (Later, Sothebys sold the set for 12K English Pounds or 16.7 USD.) Subsequently, Starkey learned to play drums himself and succeeded in establishing himself as a celebrity drummer earning millions of dollars.

Zak Starkey started performing professionally at the age of 15 in the early 1980s. He appeared with a reformed British rock band, Spencer Davis Group. Five years later, Starkey recorded a musical version of Wind in the Willows with pianist Eddie Hardin. Other projects by Zak Starkey include:

YearConnected Bands & Musicians
1988The Icicle Works
1992 - 1995Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band
1993 - 1996The Semantics
1996 - PresentThe Who
John Entwistle1986 - 1997
1997 - 2000The Lightening Seeds
2000 - 2003Johnny Marr and the Healers
2004 - 2008Oasis
2020Cashbah Club

Besides, Zak Starkey has worked with and for several other musicians, including the Artists United Against Apartheid‘s protest song named Sun City. Also, he worked with English music artists such as Roger Daltrey, Mike d’Abo, Peter York, and many more. Similarly, Starkey has also worked with his father, Ringo Starr, in his numerous musical projects.

Hence, Zak Starkey has worked with numerous high-paid musicians and high-earning bands to date as a drummer. All those bands and music artists helped in Zak Starkey’s net worth of more than $20 million in the present. We hope with the increasing demand and fame of Zak, his net fortune will also soar up just like his dad’s shortly.

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