Meet Andrew Wilding – Photos Of Christopher Edward Wilding’s Son With Aileen Getty

Christopher Edward Wilding son with Aileen Getty Andrew WildingChristopher Edward Wilding's son with his ex-wife Aileen Getty, Andrew Wilding, is a cinematographer. Image Source: Facebook/ Paul Harris.

Andrew Wilding is the son of actor Christopher Edward Wilding with his estranged wife, Aileen Getty. His parents, Christopher and Aileen, are both a famous figure of the American Entertainment Industry. Andrew’s father, Christopher is popular for his work in movies such as Tombstone, Overboard, and The Shadow. Similarly, Aileen is famed for being the former daughter-in-law of Late Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor.

Christopher and Aileen were in a marital bond from 1981 to 1988. During their togetherness, they welcomed their son, Andrew Wilding. Keep reading to learn more about Christopher Edward Wilding’s son, Andrew Wilding.

Born After His Mother’s Several Miscarriages

As mentioned earlier, the son of Elizabeth Taylor, with her second husband, Michael Wilding, Christopher married Aileen back on 26 August 1981. During their togetherness, the two tried various medications and methods to have a baby, but they ended up with several miscarriages. After seven miscarriages, Christopher and Aileen adopted a son, Caleb Wilding, born in 1983.

Christopher Edward Wilding son Andrew Wilding
Andrew Wilding is the first biological son of Christopher Edward Wilding. Image Source: Facebook/ Margi Carlton Wilding.

A year after Caleb’s adoption, Aileen gave birth to Christopher’s biological son, Andrew Wilding, in 1984. Andrew’s parents were happy to have him after multiple unsuccessful pregnancies. However, Andrew’s addition in their family could not keep the flame of love between Christopher and Aileen burning for long. Andrew’s parents officially separated in 1987.

There is no information concerning the childhood days, education, and other similar facts of Christopher Edward Wilding’s son, Andrew Wilding.

Andrew Wilding’s Siblings

Andrew Wilding is not the only child of Christopher Edward Wilding. As we have informed earlier, Andrew has a brother named Caleb, adopted by his parents. Besides, he has a half-sibling from his father’s other marriage.

Christopher married Margaret Carlton after separating from Andrew’s mom, Aileen, and they are together to date. With Margaret, Christopher has a son, Lowell Wilding, born in 1992.

The American actor Christopher Edward Wilding’s sons, Caleb, Lowell, and Andrew, have a great bonding. The Wilding brothers rarely appear on social media platforms as they are very concerned about their private lives. Moreover, Andrew’s parents have not shared any photos of their children in public to date.

A Cinematographer And Actor In Hollywood

Andrew grew up in a family with famous actors and actresses. His grandmother, Elizabeth Taylor, was one of the most popular stars of classical Hollywood cinema. Moreover, Taylor was a businesswoman and humanitarian. The American Film Institute labeled her the seventh greatest female screen legend in 1999.

Furthermore, Andrew’s grandfather was also an English stage, film, and television actor. Moreover, his father also performed as an actor in various films onscreen and on stage. And, the same blood filled with acting skills runs in Andrew’s veins too.

The talented son of Christopher, Andrew, is also in Hollywood, like his late grandma and father. As a cinematographer and an actor, he is known for Piano Man, Everything Carries Me to You, and Pleased to Meet You.

Life Away From The Spotlight

Although Andrew is a famous figure and an established cinematographer, he does not prefer to appear in the limelight. Andrew usually likes to live a healthy life away from the unnecessary dramas of the media.

Moreover, Andrew does not operate any social networking handles on his name. He might be using them with other alternative tags, like many other celebrities. But, we don’t have access to them for now. So, there is a scare availability of photos of Christopher Edward Wilding’s son, Andrew Wilding, online.

Name Meaning: Andrew Wilding

The masculine name Andrew derived from Greek, which means manly or brave.

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