Meet Caleb Wilding – Photos Of Christopher Edward Wilding’s Son With Aileen Getty

Christopher Edward Wilding son with Aileen Getty, Caleb WildingCaleb Weilding is the adopted son of Christopher Wilding and Aileen Getty. Image Source: Facebook.

Christopher Edward Wilding is the second son of the London-born Hollywood actress, Elizabeth Taylor, and Michael Wilding. Besides, he is also an actor famous for numerous movies. Christopher is famous for his work in the 1990’s films, including Tombstone, Overboard, and the Shadow.

The son of legendary Michael Wilding, Christopher is married twice in his lifetime. His first marriage was with Aileen Getty from 1981 to 1987. During their marital life, the two estranged couples became parents to two gorgeous sons together.

Here, in this article, meet Christopher Edward Wilding’s son, Caleb Wilding, and know some of his unknown facts.

Adopted Son of Christopher and Aileen

Christopher Edward Wilding’s son, Caleb Wilding, was born in 1983. However, he is not the biological child of Christopher and Aileen. His current parents, Christopher and Aileen, adopted him after their several unsuccessful pregnancies.

Caleb’s parents tried various methods and medications to have a child before adopting him. At the time, Christopher and Aileen took his physical and legal custody officially; his mother had seven miscarriages.

First Grandson of Elizabeth Taylor

Caleb Wilding became the first grandson of the violet-eyed actress Elizabeth Taylor after Christopher and Aileen’s adoption. Besides Caleb, Elizabeth has nine more grandchildren.

Christopher Edward Wilding son with ex-wife Aileen Getty, Caleb Wilding
Caleb Wilding is one of the ten grandchildren of Elizabeth Taylor. Image Source: Facebook/ Laela Wilding.

The eldest grandchild of Elizabeth is Laela Wilding, and the youngest one is Richard McKeown. Likewise, Caleb’s cousins include Quinn Tivey, Naomi Wilding, Tarquin Wilding, Rhys Tivey, and Elizabeth Carson. Moreover, Caleb’s two younger brothers, Andrew Wilding and Lowell Wilding, also add up.

All the ten grandchildren of Elizabeth Taylor, including Caleb, are keeping their grandma’s legacy alive. They are all active members and closely working with the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation founded by their grandmother.

Although all the grandsons and granddaughters of Taylor are from her different children, they have one common thing. All of them have a vital concern regarding their privacy. They rarely appear on social media platforms. Caleb and his family members do not share copious photos of themselves and their close ones on their social networking handles.

Caleb’s Younger Siblings

Christopher Edward Wilding’s son, Caleb, is a blessed brother to two younger brothers. After his adoption, his mother, Aileen, went on to have a successful pregnancy and gave birth to his brother, Andrew Wilding, in 1985.

Moreover, after getting a divorce with Caleb’s mother, Ailee, Christopher took the wedding vows with his present wife, Margaret Carlton. With his beloved wife, Christopher has a son, Lowell Wilding, born in 1992.

As mentioned earlier, the Wilding family are very secretive when it comes to their personal life. There is not much information concerning Caleb’s professional and inner experience and his siblings available for the public.

His Mother, Aileen Getty’s Struggle With AIDS

Caleb’s mother, Aileen Getty, is struggling with AIDS for many years. Since Getty tested positive for HIV and suffered from AIDS-related infections, she is actively involved in campaigns to raise its awareness.

Caleb’s mom had contracted HIV after unprotected sex in an extramarital affair

After Aileen learned that she was HIV positive, she fled away with her two sons, Caleb and Andrew, to New York City. However, Caleb’s father traced them and took their custody away from their mother. Later, Aileen got possession of Caleb and Andrew four days a week, and the rest time, they lived with their father and step-mother, Margie.

Name Meaning: Caleb Wilding

The name Caleb originated from Hebrew, which means faithful, wholehearted, and brave.

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