Meet Arsenio Hall Jr. – Photos of Comedian Arsenio Hall’s Son With Ex-Partner Cheryl Bonacci

Arsenio Hall and son Arsenio Hall Jr

Comedian Arsenio Hall‘s son Arsenio Hall Jr. was born on the September of 1999. Arsenio had his son Arsenio Jr. with his ex-partner, Cheryl Bonacci.

Arsenio Hall Jr. is the only child of Arsenio Hall; he doesn’t have any siblings and probably doesn’t have any half-siblings either.

Arsenio Hall Loves His Son Arsenio Hall Jr. A Lot

During an interview, Arsenio revealed that his doctor once said to him that it might not be physically possible for him to have a child. Well, Arsenio had his son Arsenio Jr. after a long struggle, and since he is the only child of the comedian, the father-son duo shares an impeccable bond.

Arsenio Hall and son Arsenio Hall Jr
Arsenio Hall Jr. alongside his son Arsenio Hall. Photo Source: Oprah.

When he found that his girlfriend was pregnant, Arsenio’s happiness contained no boundaries. Arsenio further stated that his father was a focused minister and barely spend time with him. And at that time Arsenio made a promise that when he has his son, he will spend as much time as possible alongside him.

Over the years the bond between Arsenio Hall and his son Arsenio Hall Jr. has been becoming strong. The father-son pair tends to spend a lot of time together and attend a lot of events and different programs.

Arsenio Hall Jr.’s Father Arsenio Hall Left His Job For Him

We all know how multi-talented Arsenio is as he is a talk-show host, comic, actor and so on, he thought that raising a son as a single parent would be tough. The thing is, the relationship didn’t work out between Arsenio and his baby mama Cheryl and they decided to part their ways. So in order to raise his son single-handedly, Arsenio left his work and put his work on hold.

Arsenio Hall Jr, Arsenio Hall's son
Arsenio Hall Jr. is the only child of Arsenio Hall. Photo Source: BCK Online.

This clearly shows how much Arsenio Hall Jr. means to his old man. Plus it was Arsenio Hall’s son himself who helped Arsenio to get back on track when he asked his father to do Celebrity Apprentice.

And once interviewed by Oprah Winfrey, Arsenio Hall gets all emotional and teary eyes while speaking about his son which was really an awe moment. Not many may know this but Oprah is one of the richest celebrities in Hollywood.

Arsenio Hall Jr.- Name Meaning

The name Arsenio is being derived from a Greek word Arsenios which means masculine.

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