Meet Axyl Eugene Peterson – Photos Of Adrian Peterson’s Son With Ashley Brown

Adrian Peterson son, Axyl Eugene PetersonAxyl Eugene Peterson is the youngest child of Adrian Peterson and his wife, Ashley Brown. Image Source: Instagram/ Ashley Peterson.

Adrian Peterson, nicknamed All Day and A.D., is one of the finest American professional gridiron football running backs in sports history. Peterson, who dedicated himself to football at a young age, is currently a free agent. The former college football player, Adrian’s first professional play was with the Minnesota Vikings. Ever since then, he has played for numerous well-known football teams such as New Orleans Saints, Arizona Cardinals, Washington Redskins, and Detroit Lions.

The 2012 NFL Most Valuable Player, Adrian Peterson, is a family man with a supportive wife, Ashley Brown, and reportedly seven children in total. Among those seven kids, he fathers two sons, Adrian Peterson Jr., and Axyl Eugene Peterson, with his long-time spouse, Ashley.

Here, meet one of Adrian Peterson’s sons with Ashley Brown, Axyl Eugene Peterson.

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Second Child Of Adrian Peterson With His Wife Ashley Brown

Axyl Eugene Peterson is the second child of the beautiful married couple Adrian Peterson and Ashley Brown. They welcomed Axyl on 27 September 2015 while Adrian was playing for Minnesota Vikings. Though Ashley was due in October, Axyl arrived some weeks earlier and healthy at 8 a.m.

Adrian Peterson son, Adrian Peterson Jr.
Adrian Peterson’s sons, Adrian Peterson Jr. and Axyl Eugene love hanging out with their parents. Image Source: Instagram/ Ashley Peterson.

Axyl Eugene Peterson has a big brother, Adrian Peterson Jr., who was born in 2011. Peterson and Brown gave birth to his brother, Adrian Jr., some years before their marriage in 2011. Axyl’s parents tied their marital knot in the summer of 2014 in a small private ceremony. Though the married pair has not disclosed the details of their big day, their eldest son, Adrian Jr., probably was a big part of their wedding ceremony.

Besides, Axyl Eugene Peterson has five half-siblings from his father’s previous relationships, including a half-sister named Adeja Peterson. The identities of other kids are kept hidden by the Peterson family. When asked Adrian to reveal the exact number of kids he has, he denied giving an exact number. He told ESPN reporter that he knows the truth and he is comfortable with that. Though Axyl’s half-siblings rarely appear in public together with him, we hope he shares a great bonding with all of them behind the camera.

His Half-brother Died From Injuries Suffered From An Assault

On 11 October 2013, Axyl Eugene lost his then-2-year-old half-brother at a hospital in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He died due to injuries from an alleged assault by a guy named Joseph Robert Patterson, the lover of the child’s mom. An autopsy concluded that Axyl Eugene’s half-brother sustained four blows to the head. Neither Axyl nor his dad, Adrian Peterson, had ever met his now dead half-brother.

At first, people speculated that Adrian Peterson’s son mentioned in news headlines was Adrian Peterson Jr. as the police did not release the boy’s name out of respect for the family. However, later, Adrian Sr. himself confirmed via his Twitter that the 2-year-old was not Adrian Jr. Later, Adrian Peterson’s father, Nelson Peterson, and other rep for Adrian revealed the boy’s name, Tyrese Robert Ruffin.

The man convicted in the death of one of the sons of Adrian Peterson, Patterson, is currently in South Dakota’s prison on a life sentence.

His Dad Uses Belt To Discipline Him And His Brothers

The NFL running back Adrian Peterson uses a belt to discipline his son, Axyl Eugene, and others. Besides, Adrian also disciplines his kids in various other ways. He has them do wall squats, sit in timeout and take away their electronics.

In 2014, the NFL suspended Axyl’s dad, Adrian, for one year for spanking his then-4-years-old half-brother with a belt to discipline him. It resulted in bruises and cuts all over Axyl’s brother’s body, including his scrotum and buttocks. However, the boy’s mother and Adrain have not disclosed his name.

Eventually, Adrian Peterson pleaded no contest to a reduced charge of misdemeanor reckless assault. He did 80 hours of community service and was fined $4,000. Some years later, an agent for Adrian, Ron Slavin, stated that there is nothing more important to Peterson than being a good father to his kids. Moreover, he said the 2014 suspension and counseling taught Peterson several valuable lessons. Hopefully, he does not hurt Axyl and his other sons physically in the course of disciplining them.

Often Visits His Dad’s Training Camps And Games

Adrian Peterson’s son, Axyl Eugene Peterson, seems to adore his father’s profession a lot. His parents often post pictures of him attending his dad’s games and visiting his training camps on their respective social media pages.

Adrian Peterson’s son, Axyl Eugene Peterson, often shows up to his dad’s training camp to visit his dad. When he visits his dad during practice, he borrows his father’s helmet and plays with him for some time. Moreover, Adrian Jr., with his mom and small brother, Axyl regularly attends Adrian’s games in matching shirts. The father-son duo can often be seen sharing sweet kisses during breaks at Adrian’s games.

Seeing Axyl Eugene’s regular appearance on his dad’s games and training camps, it looks like he also aims to be a famous football player like his father. However, he is too young to decide it all right now. It is up to him what career path he will choose when he grows up. For now, he is enjoying his childhood to his best and continuing his primary education.

Name Meaning

According to nameberry, the name Axyl means “father of peace”

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