Bradley Christopher Gumbel – Photos Of Bryant Gumbel’s Son Who Has Had Trouble With Laws

Bryant Gumbel's son Bradley Christopher GumbelBryant Gumbel's son Bradley Christopher Gumbel is living a secretive life after having a few legal issues. Image Source: Dish Nation's Instagram.

Bryant Charles Gumbel is a notable name in American journalism. Gumbel, the television journalist, and sportscaster is known for his contribution as co-host of NBC’s Today for more than a decade. Being the first to announce the September 11 attacks to CBS viewers, he left CBS and The Early Show in 2002.

Besides having a thriving career on tv as a journalist, Bryant is blissfully married to Hilary Quinlan and father of two amazing adult kids with former partner, June Baranco. Bryant Gumbel has always been living a respectful life but witnessed terrible things that happened to his kids. Therefore, for now, we will be following Bryant Gumbel’s son, Bradley Christopher Gumbel. Also, read until the end to find out why he had legal troubles.

Bryant Gumbel’s Son, Bradley With Ex-Wife June Baranco

Television journalist Bryant Gumbel is a renowned face in the sports world. However, he is also a superstar in his children’s eyes, Bradley Christopher Gumbel being the eldest.

The former lovebirds were married for almost three decades from 1973 until 2001 and blessed with a son, Bradley, five years after marriage in 1978. The ex-couple kept their son’s childhood confidential, and hence not much is there about him, even today. Although Bryant seems to have open marriage and kids, he has kept them out of the media radar.

However, Bryant Gumbel’s son grew up alongside his little sister, Jillian Beth Gumbel. She did not choose to walk her father’s footsteps but is living comfortably as a yoga instructor. She rarely posts about her parents and brother but often posts about her husband and kids. 


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Although Gumbel’s son, Bradley, is away from social media and is living a private life, his sister, on the other side, is living openly and with pride. Let’s hope we might get a glance at Bradley’s life in the coming days. But for now, let’s talk about his difficulty as Gumbel’s parents’ marriage failed. 

Had To Transfer College As Bryant Cut Off His Funds 

No valid words than Rachel’s ‘Why can’t parents just stay parents? Why do they have to become people?’ A similar question must have arisen within Bryant Gumbel’s son, Bradley, as his parents went through some bottle divorce battle after twenty-seven years of marriage. 

Furthermore, what would shock a son more than his father admitting to numerous infidelities during his more than two-decade-long marriage? The saddest events continued to exist in Bryant’s son’s life as his father discontinued his ex-wife’s funds.  

According to the New York Post, Bradley Gumbel left Lynn University in Boca Raton for Manhattanville College. Furthermore, he dropped out of Manhattanville and worked as an event manager for a media company. He left the job shortly after. 

Bryant Gumbel's son Bradley Christopher Gumbel
Bryant Gumbel’s son Bradley Christopher Gumbel suffered greatly after his father discontinued his support. Image Source: Social Media.

Moreover, one of Bradley’s friends suspected that Greg Gumbel’s brother, Bryant, and June’s divorce troubled him much, but Bradley’s mother, June, likes to emphasize that he’s strong. She further said that Bradley knows both parents love him. She also added that her children are well-adjusted and happy. 

As of now, we are not sure where and what Bryant Gumbel’s son, Bradley Gumbel, is doing now, but he sure is making some good life away from the media scrutiny after countless headlines for having legal issues. Let’s see the legal thing in detail from here on.

Was Arrested In An Alleged Robbery

The former morning tv-host, Bryant Gumbel’s son, was arrested in 2002 after being accused of robbery of a woman at Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The woman contacted police, who arrested Bradley a few blocks away at 2:30 am. 

Could curse the time or the vague description that said a tall black man. Unfortunately, he was ‘the tall black man’ walking down the street and hence was arrested. Furthermore, Bradley was on his way to the apartment when he was taken in custody. 

Luckily, a surveillance camera taped Bryant Gumbel’s son, Bradley, near his girlfriend’s home at 2: 10 am as Marey Jane Balish claimed she was being robbed. She had initially identified Bradley as the culprit. Fortunately, he was cleared as the video of him surfaced. 

As of now, Bryant Gumbel’s kid seems to have a clear history without having any legal issues. Although it seems impossible to unearth Bradley from beneath Bryant’s confidential covers, let’s hope to see and hear of him someday. Until then, let’s wish him good health and prosperity. 

Name Meaning – Bradley Christopher Gumbel 

The name Bradley means From The Broad Meadow and is of English origin. Likewise, Christopher has a Greek origin, which means Christ-bearer.  

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