Meet Brooks Taylor – Photos Of Zac Taylor’s Son With Sarah Sherman

Zac Taylor's Son Brooks TaylorBrooks Taylor is the oldest son of NFL coach Zac Taylor. Image Source: Social Media.

With the popularity of football around the world, many people involved in this sport have also become known globally. Several NFL players, coaches, and team managers have pocketed a significant amount of sum and have also become successful in their professional careers. Moreover, they have also earned worldwide prominence.

Zac Taylor, who serves as Cincinnati Bengals’ coach, has gained immense fame globally with millions of fans and followers. While his professional life is known to many, his personal life has always been the subject of interest. He has been in a marital life for over a decade and is the doting father of two sons and two daughters.

Thus, in this article, let’s learn in detail about Zac Taylor’s son, Brooks Taylor, and how he is growing up.

Oldest Of The Taylor Siblings

Zac Taylor has been married for over a decade with his wife, Sarah Sherman. The couple met in 2005 at the University of Nebraska and began dating six months later. Then they eventually got engaged, and in 2008, walked down the aisle.

Three years after getting married, in 2011, Zac Taylor’s son, Brooks Taylor, was born. Brooks is the oldest of the Taylor siblings, and he has a younger brother and two younger sisters.

Zac Taylor's Son Brooks Taylor
Sarah Sherman and Zac Taylor welcomed Brooks Taylor in 2011. Image Source: Sarah Sherman Facebook.

Brooks Taylor’s brother, Luke Taylor, was born in 2013. Then, in 2017, his first sister, Emma Claire Taylor, arrived. Furthermore, in April 2018, Brooks’s mom gave birth to his youngest sibling, Milly Taylor. As the youngest one in the family, Milly must be pampered really well by her parents and siblings.

Furthermore, Brooks also might be close with all three of his siblings, and they must be having a wonderful time together.

Plays Basketball

Zac Taylor’s son, Brooks Taylor, is growing up in a sports family. His grandfather, Sherwood Taylor, was defensive back and captain. Similarly, his uncle, Press Taylor, serves as a senior offensive assistant for the Indianapolis Colts. Moreover, he also played for Marshall University as a quarterback.

Furthermore, talking about Brooks Taylor’s dad, Zac Taylor is the head coach of Cincinnati Bengals. Seeing his family members involved in the sports might have developed some interest in sports for Brooks. However, he seems to be following a different path. Unlike his dad and uncle, Brooks is a basketball player.

The 10-year-old boy plays fourth-grade basketball games. In January 2022, Brooks’ dad attended his game right after clinching the AFC North by beating the Kansas City Chiefs.

While his team was celebrating, Zac rushed to his son’s game and made it in time to see his team make a second-half comeback win. After the game, he even posed with Brooks and his team. Zac seems to be supportive of his son and is proud of what his son has achieved.

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Zac Taylor’s Son Is Interested In Football

While he plays basketball, Brooks Taylor is also interested in football and seems to know a lot about the teams. When he was eight years old, his dad was recruited as the head coach by the Cincinnati Bengals. On his father’s first day as the team’s head coach, Brooks and his siblings walked through Paul Brown Stadium.

At that time, Zac Taylor’s little boy was asked about his favorite player of the team, and he easily said, Andy Dalton. According to the article, the little one knew all about Andy and was excited to meet him. It is clear that Brooks is supportive of his dad’s career as a coach and is very interested in his works.

Since Zac has shown interest in football, he might want to follow in his dad’s footsteps and become a football player in the future. If he plans on doing so, his dad might guide him to become one of the best players.

Nevertheless, Brooks seems to be doing all fine. And let’s hope he has a wonderful life ahead.

Name Meaning: Brooks

The name Brooks has an English origin, and it means From The Brook.

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