Meet Saúl Adiel Álvarez – Will Canelo Alvarez’s Son Follow In His Footsteps?

Canelo Alvarez Son Saúl Adiel ÁlvarezSaúl Adiel Álvarez is best recognized as Canelo Alvarez's Son. Image Source: Social Media.

Hailing from Mexico, Santos Saul Alvarez Barragán is one of the biggest names in boxing. The professional boxer has won many world titles and is the world’s number one pound-for-pound boxer. In addition, Canelo Alvarez is the first boxer to win the super-middleweight champion title.

Alvarez has gained worldwide recognition because of his works. Owing to this, many people have also developed an interest in his personal life. As a result, various media sites have extensively covered the boxer’s romance with multiple women. Moreover, the world champion has fathered many kids.

Despite this, the boxer has kept his personal life hidden from the media to some extent. Consequently, not much is known about Alvarez’s children and personal affairs.

So, in this article, let us learn about Canelo Alvarez’s son, Saúl Adiel Álvarez, and find out about his whereabouts.

Only Son Of Canelo Alvarez

Canelo Alvarez welcomed his son Saúl Álvarez with his ex-girlfriend and business partner Nelda Sepulveda in 2018. However, following Saúl’s birth, his parents have gone separate ways. As a result, the celebrity kid currently resides with his mother.

Canelo’s hectic schedule made it difficult for him to give his undivided attention to his child. Likewise, as Saul and his father do not live together, the boxer finds it challenging to spend time with his little one. Nonetheless, the champion has developed a strong bond with his son over the years.

Moreover, while Canelo Alvarez’s son has no siblings of his own, he does have half-sisters from his father’s multiple flings. His elder half-sister, Emily Cinnamon Alvarez, is an equestrian and has competed in numerous international championships.

Likewise, his other half-sister, María Fernanda Álvarez, is only a year older than him and currently resides with their father. Additionally, according to sources, the celebrity child has another half-sibling, Mía Ener Álvarez

Canelo Alvarez's Son, Saúl Adiel Álvarez
Canelo Alvarez’s son, Saúl Adiel Álvarez shares a close bond with his half-siblings. Image Source: Canelo Alvarez’ Instagram.

Furthermore, Saul’s father has shared numerous pictures of the three in his Instagram account. Even though they don’t get to spend all of their time together, it’s evident from the pictures that the siblings have a special bond.

Let us give our best wishes to Canelo and his family for the time being and hope that their relationships become stronger as the years progress.

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Canelo Does Not Want His Kid To Become A Boxer

Many athletes want their children to follow in their footsteps when they grow up. Furthermore, many well-known people make it a point to teach and train their children to carry on their legacy. Canelo, on the other hand, wishes for his son to succeed in a field other than boxing. 

However, as per Canelo, his son is dead set on becoming a boxer when he grows up. Moreover, Saul even attends his father’s boxing practices. Furthermore, in a video posted by SHOWTIME sports, the boxer is seen encouraging his son with words of affirmations. It is obvious that the fighter is raising his kid with love and respect and wants the best for his child.

So, if Saul decides to pursue a career as a boxer, he will undoubtedly have the best boxer as his coach. Still, it is too early to decide if the little one has inherited his father’s abilities. Therefore, it’s likely that we’ll have to wait a while to see if Alvarez’s child will ever become a boxer.

Regardless of the path Canelo Alvarez’s son chooses as he grows up, we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

Saúl Adie Name Meaning  

Saúl is a masculine Hebrew name that means ask or question. Secondly, Adie is an English name that means Noble.

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