Is Mía Ener Álvarez Canelo Alvarez’s Daughter?

Canelo Alvarez Daughter Mía Ener ÁlvarezMía Ener Álvarez is best recognized as Canelo Alvarez's Daughter. Image Source: Canelo Alvarez Instagram.

Santos Saul Alvarez Barragán is one of the most renowned boxers in the world. Despite being a well-known figure, the multimillionaire did not always live a high life. Canelo Alvarez rose from humble beginnings and has established himself as one of the most dominating fighters in the ring. As a result, people recognize him as one of the best boxers globally.

With fame and fortune, the boxer attracted the attention of many beautiful women and went through several relationships before settling down with Fernanda Gomez. However, dating numerous women was a sure recipe for rumors to make their way in the media. One of the most widely circulated rumors regarding the boxer was that Alvarez has a child named Mía Ener Álvarez.

While the boxer has not responded directly to the allegations, he has stated several times that he only has two daughters, Emily Cinnamon Alvarez and María Fernanda Álvarez, and a son, Saúl Adiel Álvarez. So naturally, it is only normal for people to want to determine if the rumors are accurate.

So, do you believe Mía Alvarez is Canelo Alvarez’s daughter or is this simply another piece of fake news spread by the media to gain viewers? Why don’t we find out in the following article? So stick with us to the end to find out more about the boxer’s alleged daughter.

Is Mia Canelo Alvarez’s Daughter?

As mentioned above, Mia Alvarez was reportedly born to Canelo Alvarez and his ex-girlfriend Valeria Quiroz. However, at the time of her birth, Canelo was supposedly in a relationship with Marisol Gonzalez, a news reporter.

So, the news of Mia’s birth was pushed to the sidelines as the boxer did not want his name to be tainted with such allegations. Moreover, Canelo corrects the host telling him that he only has two girls and a son in an interview.

As the boxer himself has time and again claimed that he only has two daughters, Canelo’s rumored child Mia Alvarez has received little attention from the media. Consequently, little to nothing is known about the celebrity kid. Likewise, whether or not Mia is Canelo Alvarez’s daughter remains a mystery.

Moreover, it is unknown if the celebrity kid has any contact with the world champion. Similarly, Canelo appears to have never shared a picture of Mia on any of his social media platforms. So, one can assume that they are not in touch.

Regardless, we give our best wishes to Mia Alvarez and hope that, as she grows older, she will come forward and address the rumors herself.

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Is Being Raised Away From The Spotlight

As the celebrity child was born in the middle of such controversies, her parents have opted to raise her away from the limelight. And we must give props to Mia’s parents for managing to keep their daughter entirely hidden from the media. Moreover, neither Mia nor her mother is active on any social media platforms. Consequently, determining their whereabouts is practically impossible.

However, as per La Verdad, Mia Ener Alvarez’s mother is a married woman now. She reportedly also has half-siblings with whom she is growing up now. Moreover, Mia’s mama was once rumored to be the lover of Joaquín “el Chapo” Guzmán.

Canelo Alvarez Daughter Mía Ener Álvarez
Canelo Alvarez’s rumored daughter, Mía Ener Álvarez, is being raised away from the limelight. Image Source: Canelo Alvarez Instagram.

Regardless, the celebrity child must be living a peaceful life away from unnecessary media scrutiny. Similarly, Mia’s mom must be doing everything to ensure that her daughter has a normal childhood. Furthermore, it is reported that Canelo Alvarez has also provided financial support to raise Mia. We can assume that the little one is being raised in a home filled with love and care.

So, while she may or may not be Canelo Alvarez’s daughter, we wish Mia the best for her future. Moreover, we look forward to finding out more about the rumors as time passes.

Mía Ener Name Meaning

Mia is a Greek word that means Ocean Goddess or Queen of the Sea. However, it can also mean guardian of justice and is derived from various names. And, Ener is a name that can refer to either the only army or the army left alone.

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