Meet Both Of Dave Pietramala’s Sons, Nicholas And Dominic Pietramala, Future Lacrosse Stars

Dave Pietramala's sons, Nicholas Pietramala and Dominic PietramalaDave Pietramala is a father of two talented sons, Dominic Pietramala and Nicholas Pietramala. Image Source: Colleen Pietramala's Twitter.

The one-time Johns Hopkins’ lacrosse team head coach and one of the best defensive players in lacrosse history, Dave Pietramala, is a proud father to twin boys, Nicholas Pietramala and Dominic Pietramala. Besides being famous for being Dave Pietramala’s sons, Nicholas and Dominic are lately making a name for themselves in their own rights.

Here, let’s meet the grown-up sons of the legendary player and coach, Dave Pietramala, and get to know some fascinating facts about them.

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Dave Pietramala’s Sons With Colleen Pietramala

Dominic Pietramala and Nicholas Pietramala are the twin sons of Dave Pietramala with Colleen Pietramala. Together, Dave and Colleen welcomed their kids in 2004, four years after their marriage.

However, at the moment, it seems like Dominic and Nicholas’s parents are no longer together. We are saying so because some online sources state that their famous dad, Dave is currently in a relationship with another lady named Tina. According to reports, the twin brothers reside with their father and his girlfriend’s three children, Jett, Reed, and Chase.

But, it is not confirmed if Dominic and Nicholas’ mom and dad have officially ended their marriage or not.

Both Of Pietramala’s Kids Are Skilled Lacrosse Players

The current defensive coordinator for the Syracuse University Men’s Lacrosse team, Dave Pietramala, has for sure shared his passions for lacrosse with his sons. Lacrosse runs in the blood of Dominic Pietramala and Nicholas Pietramala. Both played for Annapolis Hawks Lacrosse and are currently on the Men’s Lacrosse team of the University of North Carolina.

Dave Pietramala's sons, Nicholas Pietramala and Dominic Pietramala
Nicholas Pietramala and Dominic Pietramala are currently committed to the University of North Carolina. Image Source: Social Media.

Both of Dave Pietramala’s sons, Dominic and Nicholas Pietramala have amazing skills and dominate at their positions. Nicholas took after his dad and is making a name for himself as a defenseman. You can already see that he has no difficulties clearing the ball and is not nervous about pushing it in transition. Not to mention, Nicholas also knows well when to pull the reigns and settle the ball after clearing.

Talking about the other son of Dave, Dominic is an all-around attackman and midfielder. He has knowledge of how to beat his guy to the goal or draw the slide and create the perfect dish. Lefty player Dominic’s ball movement conforms to the rules, and he can beat his defender in various ways.

Some call Dominic and Nicholas’ father the most outstanding defenseman ever to play lacrosse. So, if that’s true, and these boys carry the same passion, the future of lacrosse is looking extremely bright!

Dominic Pietramala, Involved In Philanthropic Works

Besides lacrosse, the 17-years old son of Dave Pietramala, Dominic Pietramala, seems to have a keen interest in giving back to his community. His Instagram bio leads us to his fundraising page, powered by HEADstrong foundation.

Currently, Dominic Pietramala is supporting the efforts of the HEADstrong foundation by utilizing his sports skills, mainly lacrosse. He works and plays hard on the field to raise support for the foundation’s mission to help families affected by cancer. We appreciate Dominic’s humanitarian deeds and hope that he will give continuity to it till eternity.

So, for now, Dave Pietramala’s sons, Nicholas Pietramala and Dominic Pietramala’s primary focus is to establish themselves as successful lacrosse players like their dad. We wish the Pietramala twins all the best for their future and hope that their dream to be recognized as pro-lacrosse players get fulfilled soon.

Name Meaning: Nicholas And Dominic Pietramala

The English and Dutch name Nicholas came from the Greek word Nikolaos which means to conquer people. Similarly, the male given name Dominic is of Roman-Italic origin name, which means belonging to God.

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