Dave Pietramala’s Wife Colleen Pietramala – Proud Mother Of Two

Dave Pietramala's Wife Colleen PietramalaDave Pietramala and former spouse, Colleen Pietramala were together for a long time. Image Source: Social Media.

One of the greatest defensemen in lacrosse, Dave Pietramala, is the defensive coordinator for the Syracuse University Men’s lacrosse team, Syracuse Orange. Before joining Syracuse in 2022, he served as the head coach of Johns Hopkins University from 2001 to 2020.

The Syracuse head coach is the only person to be named both player and coach of the year and to win a men’s lacrosse NCCA national Championship as both a player and coach. With such extraordinary accomplishments in his professional life, Dave has gained immense fame. Many are also interested in exploring his private affairs.

Thus, we present some interesting facts about Dave Pietramala’s wife, Colleen Pietramala.

Colleen And Dave’s Marital Life

Colleen Pietramala is famous as the renowned Syracuse coach Dave Pietramala’s spouse. In 1999, the beautiful couple walked down the aisle and has two sons together. They are very supportive of their sons’ careers and choices. The duo must have met during the early stage of their career and dated for some time before they tied the knot.

As they shared a long journey, the pair must have been there for one another through the rough patches. Both seem to be very encouraging to each other and not to mention their deep love and understanding, which withstood their relationship for over a decade.

Although the Pietramala couple seemed rock solid and content, they parted their ways long ago. However, both hadn’t shared any details about their divorce, including when and why they separated from one other and alimony.

Moreover, the ex-pair seems to have ended their relationship on good terms as Colleen is still using the surname Pietramala.

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Dave Pietramala’s Ex-Wife Is A Mother Of Two

As already mentioned, the head coach and his former partner were together for a very long time. During their togetherness, the ex-couple welcomed two sons, Dominic Pietramala and Nicholas Pietramala.

Dave Pietramala's Wife Colleen Pietramala
Dave Pietramala and his ex-wife, Colleen Pietramala, have two sons. Image Source: Colleen Pietramala’s Twitter.

Dominic and Nicholas are twins and were born in 2004 as the beloved kids to their parents, four years after their marriage. Dave Pietramala’s sons have followed in his footsteps and aspire to continue their father’s legacy. Both of them have inherited all the extraordinary skills of their dad and are dominating in their positions.

Furthermore, Dominic is an all-around attackman and mid-fielder of UNC Men’s Lacrosse. He is very skilled in how to beat his guy to the goal or create the perfect dish.

Likewise, Colleen Pietramala’s other son, Nicholas, takes after his dad and has made a name for himself as a defenseman. From all his matches, one can undoubtedly say he has no difficulties clearing the ball and pushing it in transition. Not to mention his skills to pull the reigns and settle the ball after clearing.

Additionally, Dominic’s Instagram bio leads to a fundraising page powered by a non-profit foundation, HEAD Strong. The foundation offers financial, emotional, and residential support to the families affected by cancer.

Above all, Dave Pietramala’s ex-wife often shares pictures of their children on her social media handles. Not only that, she has introduced herself as a super proud mom of Dominic and Nicholas on her Instagram bio.

Colleen Pietramala’s Ex-Husband Found Love Again

Whatever the situation we are going through in life, the only option we are left with is to move on. Likewise, Colleen and her ex-husband have already moved on from their long journey and the stories they shared.

Dave Pietramala is in a relationship with a woman named Tina. As reported by various sites, the coach lives in New York with his two sons, his girlfriend, and her three kids, Jett, Reed, and Chase.

On the contrary, the coach’s ex-partner has successfully escaped the spotlight of media and maintains privacy regarding her personal life. Also, the head coach rarely talks about his former partner in any public events.

Nonetheless, Dave Pietramala’s ex-wife is a beautiful woman who sparks positivity with her wide and bright smile. Hopefully, she is leading a happy and successful life. Let’s hope she comes at ease and talks more about her life and career in the coming days.

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