Meet Zachary Casey And Justine Casey, Photos Of Dwane Casey’s Children

Dwane Casey's children Zachary Casey And Justine CaseyDwane Casey's children Zachary Casey And Justine Casey are proud of their father. Image Source: Social Media.

Dwane Casey is a legendary name in the NBA alongside Phil Jackson, Steve Kerr, and many more. He has been serving NBA since 1979 and currently serves as the head coach for the Detroit Pistons. Before NBA, Casey served NCAA as a player and a coach for over a decade.

Furthermore, Dwane Casey has had a smooth recovery after the Raptors replaced him with Nick Nurse in 2018. Dwane Casey’s children were great fans of the Raptor mascot. Yes, Casey, the strict looking and sincere coach who helped re-invent The Raptors, is a father of two adorable kids with wife, Brenda Casey.

Therefore, let’s follow Dwane Casey’s children, Zachary Casey and Justine Casey, from here on.

Parents Of Two Kids With Brenda Casey

Along with Casey’s robust career, his personal life is blooming as well. He has two beautiful kids with his wife, Brenda Casey. As we already know, Dwane and Brenda Casey are pretty secretive about their personal lives, their kids are no exception to it.

Dwane Casey’s children are kept secluded from social media, except they appear in a few events together. According to Famous Birthday, Zachary Casey And Justine Casey’s father Dwane married his beautiful wife, Brenda Casey, in 1988. They have been together for thirty-two years and counting.

Despite lacking details of their birth or childhood, we can imagine them living a lavish life as Dwane has been hustling for ages to give his kids the best of all. Former Toronto Raptor’s coach is a massive role model for many people and has unique personas amongst kids.

Dwane Casey's children Zachary Casey And Justine Casey
Dwane Casey is the biggest role model for his kids. Image Source: Social Media.

The sportsmanship he has been maintaining is a true inspiration for his kids. He occasionally appears on YouTube videos and several challenges, including the famous ice bucket challenge in 2014.

Participated In Ice Bucket Challenge

Aforementioned, Dwane Casey’s children are adorable and have appeared on several occasions together with their parents.

In 2014, the Casey family appeared on a video together doing their part of the ice bucket challenge. His kids were small and excited to pour ice at their father while he sat glued to his chair. Furthermore, Dwane Casey’s daughter, Justine was pretty excited to pour ice on her father.

Casey’s wife, Brenda, joined the challenge along with her precious kids. He further had nominated former colleagues. Well, ice for guys is unacceptable on any day, so Kudos to Dwane Casey for his efforts of having a good time with his family at the cost of his temperature.

Besides having fun as a family, Dwane Casey is also a black father who fears his children’s safety.

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Dwane Casey, Afterall, Is A Father Who Is Scared For His Kid’s Saftey

The United States of America is one of the most generous countries with some treacherous history, including the black community’s century-long domination. The massive #BLM movement was reignited when a 47-year-old George Floyd was killed on May 25, 2020, followed by several other pending cases.

The horrendous act of pre-determining black people as ‘bad influence’ has scared several parents, including Dwane Casey. After all, he is a black parent of two young kids. Furthermore, he was mistreated as an eight-year-old in a Kentucky school after the education system’s desegregation.

Casey revealed that the death of George Floyd evoked the feeling of frustration, anger. The Pistons coach further told that he feared his eight-year-old son, Zachary Casey, would experience the same horrific experience of being judged on sight.

In a statement, Casey released, he was concerned about how much the world has changed. He further continued to write his experience as an eight-year-old and shared his worries for his 8-y/o son. Well, this is not the concern of an only black father but the entire community.

The Pistons head coach, Casey, further suggested that it only costs empathy to resolve and requires transparency to face the systemic problem.

Well, let’s hope Dwane Casey’s children refrain from facing from being one of many victims and live in a serene world as he has anticipated.

Name Meaning- Zachary And Justine

The name Zachary has Hebrew origin, which means God has remembered. Similarly, Justine means fair or just and is of English origin.

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