Meet Finnegan Biden – Photos Of Hunter Biden’s Daughter and Joe Biden’s Granddaughter

Hunter Biden's daughter Finnegan Biden

Finnegan Biden, Hunter Biden‘s daughter, together with ex-wife Kathleen Buhle or Katherine Biden, is the ex-couple’s second child. Finnegan is the second eldest grandchild of the former U.S. Vice President, Joe Biden.

Hunter Biden’s beautiful daughter Finnegan has two siblings. Naomi Biden is her older sister, whereas Maisy Biden is her younger sister.

Finnegan Biden Is Close To Grandpa Joe Biden

All of the Biden girls are close to their one and only grandfather, Joe Biden. But Finnegan seems to be more close to her famous grandfather, Joe. Like her sisters Naomi and Maisy, Finnegan also loves to be near her grandfather. Most of the time, former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden can be seen surrounded by his lovely granddaughters.

Finnegan Biden and Joe Biden
Finnegan Biden with her grandfather Joe Biden, sister Naomi Biden, and cousin Natalie Biden. Photo source: Shutterstock.

The beautiful Finnegan has traveled with her grandfather Joe to countries, including China. She mostly spends time with her grandparents Joe and Jill Biden. Time and again, Finnegan, together with her grandparents and siblings, is spotted in public places. Like any other regular family, they also love spending time together and dining outside the house.

Finnegan Biden with grandparents and sister Naomi Biden
Finnegan Biden with her grandparents Joe and Jill Biden and older sister Naomi Biden at the Shubert Theatre. Photo source: Getty Image

Joe Biden’s lovely granddaughter Finnegan attended Sidwell Friends School and Barack Obama’s eldest daughter Malia Obama. Since Hunter Biden’s daughter, Finnegan is out of the public sphere in social media, very little is known about her personal life. While Finnegan’s friend Malia is enrolled at Harvard University, we guess she has also started her college venture. Well, the public is curious to know which University is Finnegan attending.

Finnegan Biden’s Father Joe Biden, The US President-Elect

The United States has finally sighed in relief since Joe Biden is all set to be inaugurated as the 46th president In January 2021. As a member of the Democratic Party, Biden served as the 47th vice president for eight years.

Finnegan Biden’s father, Joe, became the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee for president and was endorsed by former President Barack Obama the following day. He further announced U.S. Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate, making her the first South Asian American vice-president-elect.

Well, it’s grand news for the United States while a treat on Twitter to see Donald Trump and Trumptards continue their yapping. Furthermore, Biden might face one of the greatest recession in health, economy, and other challenges. On top of that, the entire America has faith in him. Hence, swearing on becoming the President for the entire nation, let’s hope Joe proves his competence once again.

Finnegan Biden Name Meaning

Finnegan is a name for a boy who has an Irish origin. However, it is used for both a boy and a girl. It’s meaning is fair. Hunter Biden’s daughter Finnegan inherits her name from her great grandfather: Joe Biden’s maternal grandfather.

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