Five Facts About Dr. Dre’s Daughter Tyra Young

Dr. Dre's daughter Tyra YoungDr. Dre's daughter Tyra Young produced three successful movies. Image Source: Dr.Dre's Instagram.

Born as Andre Romelle Young, Dr. Dre is an American rapper, record producer, audio engineer, record executive, and actor. The founder and CEO of Beats Electronics, Dr. Dre began his career in 1985 as a member of the World Class Wreckin’ Cru. Furthermore, Dre was credited as a critical figure in the crafting and popularization of West Coast G-funk and heavy beats. 

Although Dr. Dre’s name is still at the hip-hop industry’s peak, his personal life is a wreck as he is going through an emotional divorce with his wife of 24 years, Nicole. Besides running through a rough divorce settlement, he is a doting father of seven kids. For now, here are five facts of Dr. Dre’s daughter, Tyra Young. 

Dr. Dre’s Daughter Is Producer 

Tyra Young, Dr. Dre’s daughter, is a producer and actor. According to her IMDb, she has a few credits for movies like Take 6 and Ropes of Silicon

Tyra worked as an associate producer in the movie Ropes of Silicon and an episode of television series, Take 6.  She also appeared on three episodes of Take 6 as Angie. Although her father is the invincible man in the entertainment world and a phenomenal businessman, Tyra prefers to keep her life away from the public’s business. 

Despite having produced two-three movies as per IMDb, we couldn’t find much of Dr. Dre’s daughter, Tyra Young’s professional career. 

Very Private Person 

Regrettably, Dr. Dre’s baby girl, Tyra Young, is aggressively secretive. She has been keeping herself away from the media’s approach. Moreover, she is not present in any form of social media, and hence there is no way of knowing her whereabouts. Or could it be that she is using some other alias so that the media can’t interfere in her personal life?

Furthermore, Tyra Young was born to Dr. Dre from his previous relationship. Thus, Young’s mother is not disclosed yet for privacy issues. Also, we have no accounts of her birth date and other personal details, as she’s been keeping them rigorously confidential. 

Disregarding Young’s father, Dr.Dre’s fame, Tyra, must be enjoying the life of her building and outshining her father in her manner. Let’s hope to see and hear more of her in the coming days. 

Has Six Siblings

Although we have very little about Dr. Dre’s daughter, Tyra, we know that she has several siblings and has a good bond with them. Despite her urge to remain silent about her life, she has successful siblings with an impressive career at a young age.

Tyra Young’s half-siblings, Truice Young and Truly Young, were born to her father, Dr. Dre, and his estranged wife, Nicole Young. For more than two decades, the couple was married before Dre’s soon to be ex-wife, filed for divorce in June 2020, citing irreconcilable differences.

Young’s half-sister, Truly, is a frequent face in Dre’s Instagram that curates 5 million followers. She seems to work as a model and has 130k followers on her Instagram handle. She further earns from selling her clothes. Likewise, Dr.Dre’s son, Tyler Young, has followed his father’s footsteps and is involved in music. 


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Tyra Young’s other siblings, Marcel Young, Curtis Young, and La Tanya Young, are doing well with their lives as well. While five out of six siblings are making most of their lives, Young’s oldest brother parted ways tragically. 

Tyra Young’s Oldest Sibling Died Of OD

As mentioned, Dr. Dre’s babygirl is very secretive despite having a father who would move a world with his beats. But she must be enjoying comfortable life and share a great bond with her siblings. 

However, as stated, out of six siblings, Young lost her oldest to an addiction. Young’s brother and Dr.Dre’s son, Andre Young Jr., died from an overdose of heroin and morphine. He was found unresponsive at his mother, Jenita Porter‘s home in Woodland Hills, California, on August 23, 2008, at age 20. 

The loss of Andre Jr. was immense and affected the Young family greatly. 

Tyra Young’s Father’s Outrageous Divorce Settlement

It is always harsh to have a broken marriage and, to top that, letting go significant sum of one’s sole earning. Such has been the case of Tyra Young’s father and her step-mother, Nicole Young. The veteran couple married back in 1996 and welcomed two kids together. 

Sadly, not all fairy tales have a happy ending, especially not when people cannot take on one another’s guff anymore. Hence after over two decades of being married, Dr. Dre’s estranged wife, Nicole Young, filed for divorce in June 2020. 

Dr. Dre's daughter Tyra Young
Dr. Dre is going through an expensive divorce settlement. Image Source: Dre’s Instagram.

The filed divorce is not a shocker as much as the settlement demands are. Nicole demanded nearly $2 million a month in temporary spousal support. Outrageous right? No! Wait!

According to TMZ, Dr. Dre’s wife claims that he’s already footing the bill for her need, and her lawyers have made more money off the 2-month old divorce tha most LA people make in a year. Sounds about right!

However, Dre says that Nicole’s expenses are already covered, noting their business manager paid her AmEx Centurion Black Card whose bills range from $150,000 to $350,000 per month. 

Furthermore, Nicole took nearly $400,000 out of his record company’s business account regardless of his offers of paying an additional $350,000 to her lawyers. Dre commented that Nicole’s demands/situation seems to be an angry person’s wrath worsen by opportunistic lawyers. Well! 

Time looks hard in the Young family, while Tyra Young remains away from the media scrutiny. Let’s hope to hear more of her in the coming days. 

Name Meaning-Tyra

The name Tyra means God Of Battle and is of Scandinavian origin.

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