Meet Hailey Bevell – Photos Of Darrell Bevell’s Daughter

Darrell Bevell's daughter, Hailey BevellHailey Bevell is the daughter of NFL coach, Darrell Bevell and his wife, Tammy Bevell. Image Source: Social Media.

Darrell Bevell is a well-known name in the football world. The American football coach has gained even more recognition ever since he was named the interim head coach of Jacksonville Jaguars. Darrell formerly served as the Detroit Lions‘ interim head coach and offensive coordinator.

With this new designation, fans have focused their interest on Darrell’s personal life. The NFL coach has found as much success in his career as in his personal life. He is a loving husband to Tammy Bevell and a doting father to three kids. Today, let’s get to know one of Darrell Bevell’s daughters, Hailey Bevell, a little better.

Grew Up Alongside Two Sisters

Hailey Bevell was born to her parents Darrell Bevell and Tammy Bevell. To elaborate a little, Hailey’s parents were college sweethearts. Also, her father totally opted for a romantic way to ask Hailey’s mother’s hand in marriage by going down on his one knee. The couple eventually got married in 1993 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Darrell Bevell’s daughter was brought up alongside her two sisters. Since the birth details of neither of Bevell’s girls are revealed in media, we can only assume who might be the eldest and youngest of them all. Hailey’s sister Morgan Bevell has already made her name noteworthy in terms of being a softball player. In addition, the softball player is a BYU student.

Hailey Bevell is the sibling of Morgan Bevell
Hailey Bevell’s sister Morgan Bevell is a softball player and attends BYU. Image Source: Morgan’s Twitter.

Well, speaking of Hailey unlike her sister, Morgan, she is interested in volleyball. But besides this, not much is known about her. Similarly, Hailey’s other sibling Kylie Bevell has also stayed away from the limelight. But many have made assumptions that Kylie is also involved in sports like her sisters.

Darrell Bevell’s Daughter Is Active On Social Media

While Morgan and Kylie are both active on Twitter, in contrast, Hailey seems to be interested in scrolling through the Instagram feeds. In fact, the information about her love for volleyball was sourced through her Insta bio only. However, the thing here to know is her Instagram account has been set to private.

Family members of media-fronted people keeping their accounts private are nothing new. Hence, we can very well understand that Darrell Bevell’s daughter too seeks some privacy. She might not be ready to show every single detail of her life in public.

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Hailey’s Family Is All About Home Sweet Home

While scrolling through the internet, if you happen to stumble upon some of the family pictures of the Bevell family then you sure would have taken a proper look at those. In the photos, their love and adoration for each other have always been pretty evident. Hailey’s bond with her siblings and parents is beautifully captured in some of their family portraits.

Darrell Bevell's daughter, Hailey Bevell
Hailey Bevell has a beautiful bond with her family which is evident in their pictures. Image Source: Kylie Bevell’s Twitter.

Moreover, Hailey Bevell’s parents are about to complete almost three decades of marriage. But, the love between the couple seems to have never faded away. And same love is reflected in the bond the college sweethearts have with their children.

All we can say is that the Jaguars interim head coach’s daughter, Hailey Bevell is a blessed person. The gorgeous lady has got all the love and care from the loved ones she is surrounded with. Let’s hope to learn more about young Hailey in the future.

Name Meaning: Hailey

Hailey is a Scottish clans name with English roots that means “Hay’s meadow.” It also has Norse and Irish roots, meaning “hero” and “wise one,” respectively.

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