Meet Kylie Bevell – Photos Of Darrell Bevell’s Daughter

Darrell Bevell's daughter Kylie BevellKylie Bevell is the daughter of American football coach, Darrell Bevell. Image Source: Social Media.

Darrell Bevell is a well-known name in the sports world. He has coached in the NFL for a long time and has a solid reputation. Moreover, in 2019, Darrell served as the offensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Seahawks, and Detroit Lions.

After the Jaguars’ first 11 games in 2020, Darrell was named interim head coach for the remainder of the season. Hence, with the increasing recognition, many fans have also started paying attention to his personal life. With this being said, the NFL coach is a supportive husband and also a loving father. Hence let us draw your attention to Darrell Bevell’s daughter, Kylie Bevell.

Kylie’s Parents Had A College Time Romance

Kylie Bevell’s father, the NFL coach, married the love of his life, Tammy Bevell, who was previously Ms. Tammy Barlow in 1993. The duo became acquainted with each other sometime before, and it didn’t take any longer for the pair to become best of friends. Soon the friendship blossomed into love, and the offensive coordinator ended up getting on his one knee asking Kylie’s mother’s hand in marriage.

The couple tied the knot in 1993 in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is safe to say that Kylie Bevell’s parents have seen their share of ups and downs, love, deep understanding, and sometimes a little disagreement. The journey of being together for nearly three decades comes with all the perks mentioned above.

Raised Alongside Her Two Gorgeous Sisters

Moving further, during the union and companionship of the football coach with his beautiful wife Tammy, the couple witnessed the beautiful journey of growth of their three children. Tammy and Darrell Bevell’s daughters, in addition to Kylie Bevell, are Hailey Bevell and Morgan Bevell.

Darrell Bevell's daughter Kylie Bevell
Kylie Bevell grew up alongside her two sisters, Morgan Bevell and Hailey Bevell. Image Source: Kylie’s Twitter.

Unfortunately, as most of the information about Kylie’s family is hidden, there are no such indications about who is the eldest and youngest among the Bevell siblings. In addition, even their birth details have not surfaced in the media.

However, in the future, we would love to know many more tales and the whereabouts of the little ones.

Kylie’s Sisters Are Also Active In Sports

Unlike their parents, the Bevell sisters are pretty active in social media. You can find Kylie and Morgan on Twitter while Hailey Bevell can be found on Instagram. However, it seems Kylie’s sister is not yet ready to make her Instagram account public.

Though not much information is revealed about them, looking at Kylie’s sister’s Insta bio, it seems she is keen on playing volleyball. However, her other sister Morgan has already been recognized as a softball star. So subsequently, it is safe to know that Darrell Bevell’s children are active in specific sports.

Kylie Bevell has two sisters, Morgan Bevell and Hailey Bevell
Kylie Bevell’s sister Morgan Bevell is a rising softball player. Image Source: Kylie’s Twitter.

Some sources suggest Kylie is also involved in the sports field, but there is no concrete evidence behind it. Hence it would be inappropriate to assume earlier on about Darrell Bevell’s daughter’s profession.

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Is Darrell Bevell’s Daughter Engaged?

Darrell and Tammy are two beautiful individuals and it is no wonder that their offsprings are also as gorgeous as them. In fact, the couple’s children are all grown up now and have even found their significant others.

In an interview, the sportsperson told the media that two of his daughters’ boyfriends approached him for permission to proceed with marriage proposals. The incident was also once of a kind. Basically what happened was one of the guys asked for Darrell’s permission while being stitched up in the emergency room. He had taken a ball to his eye while practicing batting.

But the thing is Kylie’s father kind of ruined the surprise by telling the reporters in a live-streamed call. The two guys hadn’t proposed to Darrell’s daughters themselves till that time. Whatsoever, regardless of the surprise ruining, could it be that the two of Bevell sisters might have engaged by now? as the incident was narrated in 2020.

Also, while Darell Bevell spoiled the surprise, he still manage to keep much of it private. He did not name which of his daughters’ boyfriends asked for his permission. As a result, Kylie Bevell’s relationship status is unclear. Nonetheless, we hope she has found the love of her life and is enjoying her life.

Moreover, surfing through the internet, you can find many family pictures of the athletic family. The photos clearly depict their love, emotion, and adoration for each family member. Hence we believe the Bevell family is all about loving each other.

Name Meaning: Kylie

The name Kylie stands for Graceful and beautiful. Similarly, in Hawaiian terms, it stands for the beautiful spirit.

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