Find Out How Both Of Jennifer Crystal Foley’s Children, Dylan Frances Foley And Ella Ryan Foley Are Growing Up

Jennifer Crystal Foley's children, Ella Ryan Foley and Dylan Frances Foley.Despite her popularity, Jennifer Foley has kept her daughters, Ella Ryan Foley and Dylan Frances Foley away from the limelight. Image Source: Jenny Foley Instagram.

Jennifer Crystal Foley is an American actress best known for playing Christie Parker in Once and Again and Rachel Taub on House. Additionally, Jennifer is also known for being Janice Crystal and Billy Crystal‘s daughter.

The Once and Again actress has been in the limelight for most of her life. So naturally, many are eager to find out more about her, notably her personal life. Additionally, people are also interested in learning more about her kids.

Hence, in this article, let us take a peek at how Jennifer Crystal Foley’s children are growing up.

Jennifer’s Eldest Child, Ella Ryan Foley

Jennifer Crystal married her college sweetheart Michael Francis Foley in September of 2000 and is living a blissful marital life. Additionally, in their decades-long marriage, they have also given birth to two children.

Ella Ryan Foley, Crystal Foley’s eldest child, was born on June 20, 2003, in Los Angeles, California. Ella was named after her granddad, Billy’s mother, Helen Eleanor. The Soap star says the day she was born was one he will never forget, and the incredible, emotional gift knocked him out.

However, as Foley’s parents raised her away from the limelight, little about her upbringing is known. According to sources, Ella is an actress, director, producer, and writer; however, her works remain a mystery to date. If the information is accurate, Jennifer Crystal must be ecstatic that her daughter follows in her footsteps.

Jennifer Foley Children's Ella Ryan Foley and Dylan Frances Foley.
Although Jennifer Foley is a well-known celebrity, she has raised her daughter Ella Ryan Foley away from the spotlight. Image Source: Jenny Foley Twitter.

While Foley’s daughter might or might not be an actress, she is sure to succeed in any area she chooses since she has such amazing people in her family to look up to.

For the time being, we wish Ella Ryan the best and hope she prospers in her chosen field.

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Jennifer Crystal Foley’s Youngest Kid, Dylan Frances Foley

The married couple welcomed their second child, another daughter, Dylan Frances Foley, on February 3, 2006. Dylan grew up with her sister Ella, who is three years older than her. It is no surprise that the Foleys have kept their second child out of the grasp of the media.

Similarly, while Ella has been seen at baseball games and award ceremonies with her grandfather, Dylan has yet to attend any of them. Likewise, Foley’s parents have also not shared any information on their youngest daughter’s whereabouts.

Nonetheless, kids, particularly celebrity children, frequently look up to their parents and aspire to follow in their footsteps. As a result, there’s a chance Dylan will follow in her mother’s footsteps and become an actress. It’s also feasible that she could choose an altogether another career path.

Do you think Jennifer Crystal’s daughter, Dylan Frances Foley, will follow in her footsteps?

Raising Her Kids Away From The Limelight

Despite having grown up in the spotlight, Jennifer has taken a different approach in raising her children. As a result, the mother has opted to raise her kids in a more private environment.

However, with famous parents and family members, entirely avoiding the media is not an option. So, Foley’s kids have been spotted numerous times along with their grandfather, Billy Crystal.

Additionally, Jennifer Crystal Foley’s children are also very close to their grandfather and respect his work, mainly his voice acting. Furthermore, the kids make Billy imitate the characters he has played in the past.

Similarly, the children spend time with their grandma Janice Crystal, with whom they share a close relationship. However, apart from this, little is known about the events surrounding Ella and Dylan. Furthermore, the actress’s children have also kept all of their social media accounts private.

As a result, we might have to wait a while to see more of Jennifer’s daughters.

Name Meaning

Dylan is a traditional Welsh boy’s name that means “son of the sea” or “born from the sea.” Similarly, Ella means “other” and was first used as a name prefix, with Alia being its original spelling. However, because Ella in Spanish means “she” or “her,” the name can also be interpreted as “female” or “feminine.”

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