Lil Scrappy’s Wife Bambi Benson is Pregnant. Scrappy Already Had a Daughter With Erica Dixon

Bambi Benson is pregnant.

American rapper and record producer Lil Scrappy is set to be a father again pretty soon. Scrappy is married to Bambi Benson and the two are expecting a child pretty soon. The couple announced that Benson was pregnant in April of this year and stated that she was about 20 weeks pregnant.

Lil, who is best known for appearing in Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta has a Net Worth of $1.5 million. He married Bambi Benson a year ago in 2017. Benson got pregnant in December of 2017 and is nearing her due date pretty soon. The couple decided to not declare Bambi’s pregnancy at that time because of fears of miscarriage. The couple financially announced the pregnancy in April when Benson was 20 weeks pregnant.

While the unborn child is the first child together of Scrappy and Benson, Lil already has a daughter from his previous relationship with American reality TV Erika Dixon. Erica and Lil Scrappy dated back in the early 2000s and Erica gave birth to their daughter Emani Richardson. Emani was born in 2005 and is currently 13 years old.

Bambi Benson’s Pregnancy Details

Bambi Benson’s pregnancy was first revealed by the couple’s good friend Waka Flocka this April, congratulating them on the pregnancy. Then finally the couple revealed the pregnancy as well. When asked why the couple delayed the announcement of the pregnancy, Bambi stated that she wanted to be sure that the baby would be born before announcing it, as she previously suffered a miscarriage.


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Bambi mentioned that she was initially very stressed about having a child but is getting herself ready for the responsibility of being a mother. She has been posting pictures on Instagram showing her baby bump. She has been pregnant for almost 9 months now and the child could be born anytime soon. Bambi has expressed her excitement on her social media as she gets ready to become a parent.

Lil Scrappy’s Daughter With Erica Dixon

Before marrying Bambi, Lil scrappy dated Erica Dixon for a very long time. The two were in an on and off relationship starting in the early 2000s. Lil and Erica also had a daughter at this time as Erica gave birth to their daughter Emani Richardson in 2005.

Lil Scrappy and his daughter Emani.
Lil Scrappy with his daughter Emani Richardson.
Image Source: Wetpaint

Scrappy and Erica were together for a very long time but then later went their separate ways and Lil’ ended up marrying Bambi. Their daughter Emani is 13-years-old now and Erica and Scrappy both take responsibility of raising her. And pretty soon Lil will be raising one more child.

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