Meet Vivienne Rhule, Leona Rhule And Bryant Rhule – Photos of Matt Rhule’s Children

Matt Rhule ChildrenMatt Rhule is the doting father of Bryant Rhule, Vivienne Rhule, and Leona Rhule. Photo Source: Social Media.

Matt Rhule is a household name in the coaching world. He has developed an impressive resume, whether it be guiding collegiate teams or NFL teams. Moreover, the sportsman is now the head coach of the NFL team Nebraska Cornhuskers, following his coaching stint with the Carolina Panthers.

The sportsman’s success isn’t only limited up to the football field but also in real life. He is happily wedded to his long-time partner, Julie Rhule. She is a dietitian at Temple University with several years of experience in her name.

The couple has also welcomed three adorable kids in their marital life. So, let’s meet Matt Rhule’s children, Vivienne Rhule, Bryant Rhule, and Leona Rhule, and learn more about them here in this article.

Matt Rhule’s Son Shares A Close Bond With His Grandparents

Matt Rhule’s only son, Bryant Rhule, is his firstborn and was born in 2005 in Asheville. He is a responsible son and a loving brother to his younger sisters.

Bryant, is also very close with his grandparents. He often spent his weeks at their farm while his parents were busy with their jobs. Sadly, Bryant’s late maternal grandmother, Donna Nibert, passed away from breast cancer on September 9, 2012. Her loss impacted the little one greatly.

Anyone familiar with the NFL coach would know that he grew up playing Little League Baseball in New York City. His son, Bryant, shares the same passion and has been a massive fan of Taney Dragons since childhood. In addition, he often attended the World Series with his grandparents every year.

The young guy was also part of the Taney Youth Baseball Association and played for them. His dad coached him and the young Taney team before becoming Baylor University‘s coach in 2017. So, it seems like the younger Rhule will pursue a career in baseball in the upcoming days.

Bonds With His Dad Over Football

Although baseball is his forte, Bryant loves to watch football and often bonds with his father, Matt, over the sport. In addition, he attends Matt Rhule’s NFL matches to show support.

The father-son duo went on a fishing trip with the former NFL coach Jimmy Johnson in April 2021. All three spend nearly six hours talking about football.

Matt Rhule’s son, Bryant, also played a critical part in his decision to join Carolina Panthers. The young one had always supported the Panthers and was excited when they offered his pops a head coach job. But when the NFL coach hesitated, his son stormed out of the house.

Bryant Rhule’s mom, Julie, also encouraged him to follow his dream. Eventually, Matt accepted and has been coaching the Panthers since 2020. Still, as a head coach, Matt faces many backlashes from fans. It has made him unable to take his son, Bryant, to any games.

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Vivienne Rhule Was Born Prematurely

After the birth of their first baby, Matt and his partner, Julie, didn’t know if they could have other children biologically. So, when Julie became pregnant with their second baby, the pair were pleasantly surprised.

Matt Rhule’s daughter, Vivienne Blake Rhule, was born in March 2013. However, she graced her presence a month earlier than the delivery date. Still, her parents were ecstatic, and the NFL coach immediately shared the news on Twitter.

The Panthers coach’s second child, Vivienne, also has Little League experience. For instance, she played in the first year of Tee Ball in 2016.

As per his Twitter post, Matt’s daughter, Vivienne, is a fan of Baylor Women’s Basketball. We still have to see whether she will pursue any sports in the upcoming days.

Matt Rhule’s Daughter  Leona Is The Baby Of The House

Many might have only heard about Matt Rhule’s children, Bryant Rhule and Vivienne Rhule. However, he is also the father of Leona Rhule, who was born in 2015.

Being the youngest among the Rhule family, Leona is adored by her parents and siblings. She is also a fan of Baylor’s Basketball team and is seen posing wearing their jerseys on her dad’s social media post.

Matt Rhule Children
Matt Rhule’s daughters, Vivienne Rhule and Leona Rhule are fans of the Baylor Basketball team. Photo Source: Matt Rhule’s Twitter.

The NFL coach’s youngest baby, Leona, seems interested in ballet. She was posing next to Jami Masters School of Dance signboard and likely attends classes there.

Matt Rhule’s kids are all growing up and pursuing different interests. He is very proud of his children and often takes them to his games, press conferences, and vacations. Likewise, the coach’s little ones reciprocate the feeling and support his career wholeheartedly.

We wish the Rhule family the best and success in the future.

Matt’s Children Name Meaning

Matt’s son, Bryant’s name, is an Irish variation of Brian, meaning honorable and virtuous.

The NFL coach’s second child, Vivienne’s name is, originated from French, which means alive.

Finally, Leona’s name is the feminine form of the Greek name Leon meaning lion.

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