Meet Maya Chambers – Photos of Justin Chambers’ Daughter With Wife Keisha Chambers

Maya Chambers, daughter of Justin Chambers and Keisha Chambers

Actor Justin Chambers‘ daughter Maya Chambers was born on June of 1997. Maya was not born alone; she has got a twin sister named Kaila Chambers. Justin had his daughter Maya with wife Keisha Chambers.

Maya Chambers has got four siblings in total. She has got Isabella Chambers, Justin Chambers’ eldest daughter, Kaila Chamber and Eva Chambers, her other sister and Jackson Chambers, Maya’s only brother. So among all the five children, we can say that Maya is the middle child of Keisha Chambers and Justin Chambers.

Justin Chambers’ Daughter Maya Is All Grown Up

The 21-year-old daughter of Justin Chambers, Maya Chambers is all grown up. On June of 2018 Maya alongside her twin sister Kaila celebrated their 21st birthday. Both uploaded a photo of one another on their social media account wishing each other happy birthday.  Kaila posted a picture of Maya, and the caption ended with ‘happy belated wormy.’ Well, it looks like Kaila has nicknamed her twin sister wormy.

Justin Chambers' daughters, Maya Chambers and Kaila Chambers
Maya Chambers alongside her twin sister Kaila Chambers. Photo Source: Kaila’s Instagram.

Maya Chambers is much more of a tomboy kind of girl. Her appearance, haircut and her Instagram handle “peterthewildboy” tells a lot about her. Maya is also into sketching and loves tattoos. She has got numbers of tattoos tattooed on different parts of her body which includes a skull on her thigh. Most of her feed is filled with her sketches, and at times she uploads her picture too.

Justin Chambers' daughter Maya Chambers
Maya Chambers is the daughter of Justin Chambers and Keisha Chambers. Photo Source: Maya’s Instagram.

Maya Chambers, Possibly In A Relationship

The gorgeous Maya could be possibly dating a guy named Alex. Alex is a drummer in The Royal Hounds NYC. The details regarding how and where they met are still undisclosed. But one thing is sure, and that is Maya and Alex love spending times with one another as the pair are often spotted hanging out together.


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Just like Maya Chambers’ alleged boyfriend Alex, her youngest sister Eva Chamber is also a part of a music band called “Pinky Pinky.”

Maya Chambers- Name Meaning

The name Maya has got multiple meanings and origin. In Hindu philosophy Maya means illusion, and as for in Hebrew, Maya is a short form of ma’ayan which means spring.

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