Meet Michelle Gumbel – Photos Of Greg Gumbel’s Daughter With Marcy Gumbel

Greg Gumbel's daughter Michelle GumbelGreg Gumbel's daughter Michelle Gumbel is all grown and chose a secluded life from the media. Image Source: Social Media.

Greg Gumbel is an American television sportscaster best known for his various assignments for CBS Sports. Bryant Gumbel‘s brother became the first African-American announcer to call play-by-play a major sports championship in 2001. 

As of now, Gumbel is a play-by-play broadcaster for the NFL on CBS as well as the studio host for CBS’ college basketball coverage. Besides having a career as a sportscaster, Greg Gumbel is happily married to Marcy Gumbel and has a grown daughter named Michelle Gumbel. Hence, here is everything you need to know about Greg Gumbel’s daughter, Michelle Gumbel. 

Only Kid Of Greg And Marcy Gumbel

Veteran sportscaster Greg Gumbel, and his wife, Marcy Gumbel, welcomed their one and only child, a baby girl on May 12, 1969. Unfortunately, Gumbel’s daughter is living an ultra-secretive life away from media scrutiny. Therefore, not much is out there about Michelle Gumbel. 

However, several sites have noted her marriage and have stated that she has started her own family. Furthermore, she might be in her 50s and enjoying a secluded life with her family members. Interestingly, we couldn’t find her in any form of social media in today’s generation. 

Greg Gumbel’s daughter was born four years earlier in their marriage and strengthened the long-time partners’ relationships. Sadly enough, there isn’t much on her, but we hope she is living a healthy life with her husband and family. 

Isn’t A Big Fan Of Sports

Although Greg Gumbel has been successful as he went from selling medical supplies to make ends meet to hitting stride with CBS, his only kid, Michelle, is not a big fan of sports. 

While talking to LA Times in a 1990 feature, Greg revealed that his daughter did not enjoy much. He told Michelle and a couple of friends to go to the East Regionals in Providence after offering some tickets. Michelle called the next day of the game to say how much she enjoyed the Georgetown-Notre Dame game, and he asked about the double-overtime game, to which she surprisingly asked if there was a second game.

Greg Gumbel's daughter Michelle Gumbel
Greg Gumbel’s daughter Michelle Gumbel is not a big fan of sports. Image Source: Social Media.

One of the greatest sportscaster, Greg Gumbel’s daughter, isn’t interested in sports and must be pursuing a career away from the sports arena. Regrettably, information about her whereabouts is confidential; she must be enjoying a preferred profession of her own. 

Michelle Gumbel’s Parents Are Married Since The Early 70s

Not many marriages have a success story as it requires a lot of work from both the partners’ sides. But, fighting all the odds, the Gumbel couple has made it through three decades of marriage and several years of courtship. 

The 74 y/o Greg Gumbel married the love of his life, Marcy Gumbel, in 1973. The couple has been together ever since. Furthermore, Mrs.Gumbel has been a built-in support system throughout the ups and downs of Gumbel’s career. 

Born as Marcella Kaszynski on April 3, 1949, Greg Gumbel’s wife worked as a business manager. They hit milestones together and enjoyed youth blissfully. Moreover, they crossed the country for years before settling in Florida. 

As stated above, the couple welcomed their first and only kid a few years before sharing their vows. As of now, they are living happily in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, area.

Although Greg Gumbel’s only child is away from the spotlight, she must be living her best, raising her family along with her parents. Let’s hope we get to hear a little of her in the coming days as she enjoys being healthy.

Name Meaning – Michelle Gumbel 

The name Michelle is of French origin, which means ‘Who is like God?’

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