Meet Morgana Freeman – Photos Of Morgan Freeman’s Daughter With Jeanette Adair Bradshaw

Morgan Freeman daughter Morgana FreemanMorgana Freeman is the daughter of Morgan Freeman with Jeanette Adair Bradshaw. Image Source: Instagram/ Morgana Freeman.

Morgan Freeman is one of the legendary actors of the Hollywood Industry. His emotional depth, subtle humor, and versatility made him one of the most famed performers of his generation. Freeman’s acting career includes many memorable performances on stage, television, and screen. His on-screen movie credits go to various popular films such as Las Vegas (2013), Transcendence, The Nutcracker, and The Four Realms (2018) and so on.

Besides the numerous endeavors of Morgan Freeman in the Entertainment Industry, there are lots to talk about his personal life. Freeman married twice in his lifetime, along with some extramarital affairs, and is a father to four talented children. And, Morgana Freeman is one fo them, among the four, .

Here, get familiar with Morgan Freeman’s daughter, Morgana Freeman.

The Youngest Among Four Morgan Freeman Children

As mentioned earlier, Morgan Freeman took the wedding vows with two women in his lifetime. The first marriage of Morgan is with Jeanette Adair Bradshaw in 1967. The two stayed in a marital bond for more than a decade and eventually divorced in 1979.

At the time when Morgan and Bradshaw were together as husband and wife, they welcomed their first child together, Morgana Freeman. Before giving birth to Morgana, her mother, Bradshaw, already had one daughter named Deena Freeman from her previous relationship. After marrying her, Morgan adopted her daughter too.


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Besides, Morgana’s father, Morgan, also had two Sons, Alfonso Freeman, and Saifoulaye Freeman, from two different extramarital affairs. Alfonso is the eldest son of Morgan with his past girlfriend, Loletha Adkins. And, Saifoulaye is Morgan Freeman’s second kid from his relationship with an unidentified woman.

Morgana is very close with her all three half-siblings. Mainly, she often appears in social media alongside her half-brother Alfonso. Moreover, Morgana also shares photos with her half-brothers and half-sister in her social media pages on some occasions.

Mother Of Three Children

The beautiful and talented little princess of Morgan, Morgana Freeman, does not seem to be single for many years. Seeing the posts and photos in Morgana’s social media sites, it’s clear that she is a mother of three gorgeous kids, one son and two daughters. However, their names are not known yet.

Morgan Freeman daughter Morgana Freeman
Morgana Freeman is a mother to two beautiful daughters and one son. Image Source: Instagram/ Morgana, Freeman.

Morgana’s all three children are graduates of high school. The proud momma, Morgana, has shared the happy moment of her each kid’s graduation day on her Instagram page. Besides, she also shares many pictures of her daughters and son during special occasions like their birthday, mother’s day, and many more.

Talking about the father of Morgana Freeman’s children, he stays away from the media paparazzi. There are no details of Morgana’s partner to date. However, there are some posts in her gram where we can see Morgana mentioning about her hubby. But, she always makes sure not to mention his name or tag him so that her love-life remain far from the spotlight.

Had Appeared In Movies Alongside Her Father

The eldest son of Morgan Freeman, Alfonso, followed in his father’s footsteps in the acting field. He performed alongside his father in various celebrated motion pictures, including Seven, The Bucket List, The Shawshank Redemption, and much more. Moreover, Alfonso also gave his voice for many animated movie series.

Alfonso is not the only Freeman offspring linked with the American Entertainment Industry except being a child of a celebrity father. Morgan Freeman’s daughter, Morgana, is also a former American actress. She appeared in the movie Depth of a Prophet (1981) alongside her father, Morgan.

Besides being an actress in the past, details about Morgana’s other profession is not available to the public. The privacy concerned daughter of Morgan, Morgana, makes sure to keep most of her private records remain secret most of the time. We hope Morgana gets a little bit open to the public so that her admirers get to know more about her.

Name Meaning: Morgana Freeman

The girl name Morgana is of Welsh origin, and it’s meaning is Great Circle.

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