Meet Penelope Patricia McGuinness and Leo Joseph McGuinness – Paddy McGuinness’ Twin Children With Wife Christine Martin

Paddy McGuinness twin children

Penelope Patricia McGuinness and Leo Joseph McGuinness, Paddy McGuinness‘ twin children with wife Christine Martin, were born on July 2, 2013. The twin siblings Penelope and Leo have an adorable younger sister named Felicity Rose McGuinness who was born on September 9, 2016.

The English comedian Paddy McGuinness and Christine Martin married on July 4, 2011.  They welcomed their twin children Penelope and Leo in 2013. They were yet again blessed with another child Felicity in 2016.

Paddy McGuinness’ Adorable Twins Penelope and Leo Have Autism

Penelope Patricia and Leo Joseph, twin children of Paddy McGuinness, have autism. Their mother Christine shared when they first heard that the twins had autism, it turned their world upside down. Certainly, it is every parent’s nightmare to come to know that their children have a medical condition. But the McGuinness couple has overcome their fear, and they are fighting together with their autistic children Leo and Penelope.

Paddy McGuinness family
Paddy McGuinness’ twin children Penelope and Leo have autism. Photo source: Christine’s Instagram

Like Sarah Jessica Parker who keeps her twin children out of sight of the camera, Paddy and Christine also do not share any pictures of their children which shows their faces. The couple has not even made a public appearance with their children as Leo and Penelope favor to stay away from the crowd due to their condition.

Despite having autism, Penelope and Leo can be seen having fun doing different activities. Their lovely mother Christine always gives shout out to her children on her Instagram posts. Although she does not reveal the faces of the kids in the photos, she makes sure to update what her children are up to. From what we can get from her social media, Penelope and Leo are doing great.


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Christine and Paddy have made their kids feel they are loved in every way possible. Parenting two children with autism is not easy. However, the couple has been compassionately raising their twin children Penelope and Leo along with their youngest one Felicity. We are sure that Leo and Penelope will make their parents proud when they grow up.

Paddy McGuinness wife Christine Martin
Paddy McGuinness and Christine Martin who married in 2011 have three children together. Photo source: Christine’s Instagram

Penelope Patricia And Leo Joseph McGuinness Name Meaning

Penelope Patricia McGuinness- Penelope is a name for a girl which has Greek origin. The name is from Greek mythology. Similarly, Patricia is a Latin originated name for a girl which means noble.

Leo Joseph McGuinness- Leo is a Latin name which means lion. Likewise, Joseph is a Hebrew originated name which means Jehovah shall add.

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