Phoebe Hitomi Hurwitz – Photos Of Mitchell Hurwitz’s Daughter With Mary Jo Keenen

Mitchell Hurwitz daughter, Phoebe Hitomi HurwitzMitchell Hurwitz is a father to two daughters including Phoebe Hitomi Hurwitz. Image Source: Social Media.

Mitchell Hurwitz is gaining immense fame as an active American television writer, actor, and producer. The man with an original comedy brain, Hurwitz is best recognized for creating the television sitcom Arrested Development. Also, he is the co-creator and contributor to famous TV shows such as The Ellen Show, The Golden Girls, and The John Larroquette Show. For his involvement in the entertainment industry, he has won numerous awards and accolades, including Primetime Emmy Awards and the Annual Austin Film Festival award.

The John Larroquette Show writer, Mitchell Hurwitz, is a family man with a loving wife and two beautiful grown-up daughters. Unfortunately, Hurwitz is usually mute about his personal life. Still, we have collected some details on one of his children.

Here, be familiar with one of Mitchell Hurwitz’s daughters, Phoebe Hitomi Hurwitz, whom he had with his wife, Mary Jo Keenen.

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Youngest Child Of Mitchell Hurwitz

Phoebe Hitomi Hurwitz is the second-born child of the celebrity couple Mitchell Hurwitz and Mary Jo Keenen. The privacy-loving pair welcomed their daughter, Phoebe Hitomi, in 2002, some years after their marriage. Phoebe Hitomi’s elder sister, May Asami ‘Maisie’ Hurwitz, was born two years earlier, in 2000. Currently, May operates an online book club with her friend, Margaret Rose.

Mitchell Hurwitz daughter, Phoebe Hitomi Hurwitz
Phoebe Hurwitz is the youngest child of Mitchell Hurwitz. Image Source: Social Media.

Aforementioned, Phoebe Hitomi’s parents maintain a private lifestyle. As a result, they haven’t revealed much about her during their public interviews and on their social networking sites. In fact, Phoebe’s mom and dad aren’t usually active on their social media pages. So not much is available on the internet about Mitchell Hurwitz’s daughter, Phoebe Hitomi Hurwitz’s educational achievement and other similar details.

However, being the youngest child of a notable couple in the entertainment industry, Phoebe Hitomi might be enjoying a life full of love and attention from her elder ones. We hope to know more about her daily life shortly.

A Character In Arrested Development Is Named After Her

As known to many, Phoebe Hitomi’s dad, Mitchell Hurwitz, is the creator of Fox’s sitcom, Arrested Development. In the sitcom, there is a teenage girl whose name is Maeby, played by the American actress Alia Shawkat. Hurwitz came up with the name of the character by combining the names of both of his daughters, Maisie and Phoebe.

Hence, although Mitchell Hurwitz’s daughter, Phoebe Hurwitz, has not tried her hands on any acting projects to date, her dad used the last two letters of her name ‘be’ for a character of his creation, which is still famous among its fans. However, we hope to see her acting skills in one of her father’s films or with her mother in some acting projects in the days to come.

Mitchell Hurwitz’s Daughter Prefers A Private Lifestyle

Like her parents, Phoebe Hitomi is also a secretive girl. Along with her parents, she prefers to keep herself away from unnecessary media dramas. Mitchell Hurwitz’s kid, Phoebe Hitomi Hurwitz, is available on social networking handles like Instagram and Twitter. However, she has not posted any videos or photos on them to date.

Moreover, Phoebe’s parents and sister also do not seem to share about her in their social posts. The only time her dad mentioned her on one of his tweets is in 2015. Mitchell had shared a dub smash video of Phoebe with their dog, Waffle.

Apart from it, there is not a single picture of her available for the public.

Nevertheless, Phoebe Hitomi Hurwitz seems to be having a great life away from the limelight. So let’s hope we will get to know more about Phoebe in the upcoming days.

Name Meaning: Phoebe Hitomi

The female given name Phoebe is of Greek origin, which means bright or shining. Similarly, the middle name Hitomi is of Japanese origin, which means pupil of the eye.

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