Learn About Mitchell Hurwitz’s Wife Mary Jo Keenen And Look Into Their Love Life

Mitchell Hurwitz's wife, Mary Jo KeenenMitchell Hurwitz is married to Mary Jo Keenen since 1999. Image Source: Social Media.

Mitchell Hurwitz is a famous American screenwriter, actor, and producer, best known for producing and writing scripts for numerous TV sitcoms. He created the Fox network’s sitcom Arrested Development. Moreover, he is also the co-creator of the American television sitcom, The Ellen Show, and a contributor to NBC’s TV series, The John Larroquette Show, and The Golden Girls. The award-winning actor Hurwitz is also popular for his work in TV series like Workaholics, Portlandia, Animals, and many more.

The executive producer of the comedy-drama series Flaked, Mitchell Hurwitz, is married to Mary Jo Keenen, with whom he fathers two beautiful daughters. With Hurwitz’s increasing fame, his fans are being curious about his personal life as well. So, here we will be focusing on some details on Mitchell Hurwitz’s wife, Mary Jo Keenen, and their marital life.

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Mitchell Hurwitz’s Wife Is Also A Television Actress

Mitchell Hurwitz is not the only person in his family who is in the film industry. His wife, Mary Jo Keenen, is also an American television actress. Keenen is active in the film industry since early 1986.

Mitchell Hurwitz’s wife, Mary Jo Keenen, regularly played the role of Nurse Julie Milbury on the American TV sitcom Empty Nest‘s spin-off, Nurses. Similarly, she portrayed the role of Gloria Elgis on City with actress Valerie Harper and the character Stepanie James on My Wildest Dreams.

Mitchell Hurwitz's wife, Mary Jo Keenen
Mitchell Hurwitz’s wife, Mary Jo Keenen is a former actress. Image Source: Social Media.

Besides appearing regularly on different TV series, Mary Jo Keenen even guest-starred on several series, including The John Larroquette Show, in which her husband has some contribution. Also, she guest-starred on series like Search for Tomorrow, The Commish, Broken Badges, and Seinfeld.

However, it has been more than two decades since Mary Jo Keenen is not active in the film industry. Her last known project was CBS’s TV series Everybody Loves Raymond, in 1999. Neither Mary nor her partner. Mitchell Hurwitz has disclosed the reason behind her leaving the film industry.

Married Since 1999 And Mother Of Two

Mitchell Hurwitz and Mary Jo Keenen tied the marital knot in 1999. However, due to their secretive nature regarding their personal life, they did not let the media know about their big day. They tied the knot in a secret ceremony attended by a few of their close friends and family members.

Moreover, there are no clues on where the beautiful couple, Mitchell Hurwitz and Mary Jo Keenen, met for the first time. But, as both of them are active in the field of acting since the late 1980s, they might have met while filming a movie and fell for one another. Nevertheless, the involvement of both of them in the same field has helped the pair to keep their relationship strong.

Mitchell Hurwitz’s wife, Mary Jo Keenen, rarely appears on the red carpet events with her much famous husband. Her last appearance with her husband, Mitchell, before the media peoples was in 2013, at an event for Arrested Development. She has almost vanished from the prying eyes of media lately as she is also not active on social networking handles.

Furthermore, the happy marital life of Mary Jo Keenen with Mitchell Hurwitz has blessed them with two gorgeous daughters, who are all grown up at the moment. Mary gave birth to Mitchell Hurwitz’s eldest daughter, May Asami ‘Maise’ Hurwitz, a year after their wedding, in 2000. Similarly, their second child, Phoebe Hitomi Hurwitz, arrived two years later, in 2002.

Stays Far From Limelight

As mentioned above several times, Mary Jo Keenen also maintains her private life away from the reach of the media people. She quit her acting career in the late 1990s and married at the same time. So, it is speculated that she might have left the film industry to be a homemaker and to look after her kids while her husband, Mitchell, goes to work.

Therefore, there is still so much to dig through the life of Mitchell Hurwitz’s wife, Mary Jo Keenen. Let’s hope we will get to learn more about her in the upcoming days and see her back in the film industry, captivating her fans with her acting skills.

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