Rapper Pitbull’s Daughter Destiny Perez is all Grown Up and Stylish

Destiny Perez is Pitbull's daughter

Pitbull is one of the most popular rappers in the business. A true icon of the industry, he has established himself as a legend who’ll be remembered for decades to come. Along with Pitbull, his entire family is always under the spotlight as media outlets are looking to get a glance at Pitbull’s family. However, Pitbull has done a great job of hiding his family from the media, especially his kids.

Pitbull hasn’t married yet, but he has been in multiple relationships over the years. and with those relationships, he has had the privilege of being a father to six children. Though he hasn’t revealed any details regarding his children, we do know that one of Pitbull’s six children is his daughter Destiny Perez.

Destiny Perez is the daughter of Pitbull and his former girlfriend, Barbara Alba. Born on August 15, 2002, Destiny has grown into quite the beautiful woman herself. Her beauty and charisma exactly match that of her superstar father.

Destiny, who is now 15-years-old, has had a luxurious life thanks to her father. Along with her brother Bryce Perez, also Pitbull and Barbara’s son, she has been raised with a silver spoon in her mouth. Her father, who co-founded the legendary group Bad Boy Latino with fellow rapper Sean Combs, has given her a fantastic life.

And to Destiny’s credit, she has made the most of it. She is very beautiful and has a way about that makes the boys crazy about her. She has inherited the charm and charisma of her father and seems destined for big things in the future.

Pitbull's ex girlfriend Barbara Alba
Destiny Perez’s mother Barbara Alba, Image Source: Contact Music

Pitbull has tried his best to hide his beautiful daughter from the media and so far has succeeded in doing so. Even Barbara has done her best to keep her off the books. There are very few sightings of Destiny on social media and she neither has a twitter account nor an Instagram account. She has been kept off the radar and people are dying to get a look at Pitbull’s daughter, but her father hasn’t simply allowed.

But Pitbull can’t keep his daughter off the spotlight forever. His daughter Destiny has all grown up and people have taken notice. Those who have seen her have applauded her beauty and style. Sources claim she is very stylish and has the chops to make it in Hollywood. It’ll be interesting to see if she gets out of her father’s shadow or not.

Destiny Perez- Name Meaning

Destiny was the name of the Greek god of fate. In English, Destiny means fate or fortune.

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