Meet Shaqir O’Neal – 5 Facts About Shaquille O’Neal’s Son With Shaunie O’Neal

Shaquille O'Neal Son Shaqir O'NealShaqir O'Neal, Shaquille O'Neal's son with ex-wife Shaunie O'Neal. Image Source: Instagram/ Shaqir O'Neal

Shaqir O’Neal is the former American NBA player Shaquille O’Neal‘s son with ex-wife Shaunie O’Neal. Besides Shaqir O’Neal, his parents have five more children: Myles O’Neal, Shareef O’Neal, Taahirah O’Neal, Amirah O’Neal, and Me’arah O’Neal. Shaqir and his family have also been in his mother’s reality show “Shaunie’s Home Court.”

Like father Shaquille, Shaqir O’Neal is also a talented basketball player. Shaqir chose his career in the world of basketball by being motivated by his dad. Besides Shaquille O’Neal, Shaqir got highly driven by his uncle Kobe Bryant, who sadly died in a helicopter crash.

Shaqir O’Neal’s Early Life

Born Shaqir Rashaun O’Neal on 19 April 2003, Shaquille O’Neal’s son Shaqir grew up in Los Angeles, California. He enrolled in Crossroads School in Santa Monica for his high school. The Big Fella’s son, Shaqir, was just eight years old when his parents legally separated in 2011. Afterward, Shaqir’s parents co-parented him and his sibling.

Shaquille O'Neal Son Shaqir O'Neal
Shaqir O’Neal’s parents co-parented him and his siblings after divorce. Image Source: Instagram/ Shaqir O’Neal

Shaqir O’Neal’s mother Shaunie is a Baptist, whereas his father Shaquille is a Muslim. Therefore, Shaquille O’Neal’s son, along with his other kids, was raised in a multi-religious, secular family.

Different Physique Than Father Shaquille

Shaquille O’Neal had a towering height of 7 ft. 2 inches and a bodyweight of 320 pounds during his cream of the crop career. Similarly, Shaqir’s brother Shareef is magnificently 6ft 9inches tall and weighs 220 pounds. Most fans of Shaquille might believe his youngest son Shaqir also inherits the same body physique. But out of the blue, Shaquille O’Neal’s youngest son, Shaqir doesn’t have a soaring Herculean physique.


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Shaqir O’Neal may not be as tall as his brother and father, but one thing is for sure, and that is that he has got skills. The only similarity Shaqir has with his father is his high cheekbones and sharpened nose bridge. Although Shaqir O’Neal’s son,Shaqir. has not inherited his basketball unicorn DNA, he is notably contributing to several wins of his team.

Lean and agile Shaqir O’Neal’s skill set is peculiar to that of another Shaquille O’Neal’s son Shareef. Shaqir and his brother Shareef both depend on their mobility and speed.

Shaqir O’Neal Net Worth

Current three-star recruit Shaqir O’Neal’s father Shaquille O’Neal’s net worth is estimated to roughly $400 million. In the same way, Shaqir O’Neal’s mother Shaunie O’Neal has amassed net assets of $35 million from her profession as a reality TV cast member as well as executive producer.

Shaquille O'Neal Family
Shaquille O’Neal and his family are living a lavish lifestyle. Image Source: Facebook/ Shaunie O’Neal

The man of means Shaquille O’Neal’s son, Shaqir O’Neal has just entered the field of basketball. He still has lots of time to sharpen his skills and gain fame and earn like his dad and mom. Therefore, Shaqir O’Neal’s net worth is still under the shadows. For now, he is nourishing a luxurious life as a son of multi-millionaire parents.

Great Bond With HIs Siblings

Shaquille O’Neal has four more children besides Shaqir O’Neal. Shaqir O’Neal has two sisters, Me’arah O’Neal, and Amirah O’Neal. Moreover, Shaqir has an elder brother named Shareef O’Neal. Also, he has a half-sister Taahirah O’Neal from his father’s past love affair with Arnetta Yardbourgh. Besides, he also has a half-brother named Myles O’Neal from his mother Shaunie’s previous relationship.

Shaquille O'Neal Children
Not all of Shaquille O’Neal’s children followed his footsteps. Image Source: Facebook/ Saunie O’Neal

Except for his siblings Taahirah, and Myles, Shaqir’s three siblings Shareef, Me’arah, and Amirah, are basketball players. Shareef is a college basketball player for Southeastern Conference’s LSU Tigers. Their sister Amirah also joined women’s basketball recently at LSU. Shaqir has got to learn a lot from his pro basketball player father and siblings. Plus he shares a loving bond with all of them.

Shaqir’s Father Shaquille O’Neal Received a Surprise

Well, Shaqir O’Neal’s dad Shaquille O’Neal is a great man with a great heart. Recently, the father of five appeared at a food distribution site at Houston’s NRG stadium. It’s where he got a big surprise.

Shaqir O'Neal's father Shaquille O'Neal
Shaquille O’Neal received a humanitarian award. Image Source: Twitter/ Ada

Shaquille O’Neal received a humanitarian award by Mayor Sylvester Turner. O’Neal got shocked as he was there just to help some people out, and he ended up getting an award. O’Neal is the role model of his kids. Most of his kids, including Shaqir O’Neal, feel blessed to have Shaq as their role model. Hopefully, Shaqir and his siblings will also grow up to be generous like their dad.

Name Meaning: Shaqir O’Neal

Shaqir is an Arabic origin name, which means “thankful.”

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