Meet Stella Busina Matthews – Photos Of Dave Matthews Daughter With Jennifer Ashley Harper

Dave Matthews daughter Stella Busina MatthewsDave Matthews' daughter, Stella Matthews is living a life away from limelight. Image Source: Facebook/ Dave Matthews Band.

Stella Busina Matthews is the daughter of one of the notorious American musicians, Dave Matthews, and his beloved wife, Jennifer Ashley Harper. Stella’s dad, Dave, is the frontman, singer-songwriter, and a guitarist of the famous grassroots group, the Dave Matthews Band. He founded the band in 1991 at Charlottesville, Virginia. Since then, the talented music artist has done numerous solo performances and produced other records. Also, Matthews is an actor and a record label owner. 

The two-time Grammy Awards winner, Dave Matthews, is a married man and a proud father of three gorgeous kids, twin daughters and a son. Here, in this article, meet one of Dave Matthews’ daughters, Stella Busina Matthews, and know some of her unknown facts.

Born Four Weeks Earlier Than The Due Date

Dave Matthews and his long-time wife, Jennifer Ashley Harper, welcomed their daughter, Stella Busina Matthew, on 15 August 2001. Dave Matthews’ wife, Jennifer, gave birth to their baby girl at a Seattle hospital. Although Dave did not disclose any details on his daughter’s birth, his band’s official website announced the arrival of Dave Matthews’ daughter, Stella, some hours after her birth.

Dave Matthews daughter Stella Busina Matthews
Dave Matthews’ daughter, Stella, arrived some weeks earlier than the due date. Image Source: Social Media.

Stella is the first child of Dave and his wife together, born a month earlier than the due date. Although Stella was not officially due until September of 2001, she was in excellent health at her birth.

Furthermore, Stella’s dad, Dave, had already planned for a musical tour which could last through the end of September. Fortunately, the blessed dad was by new-born Stella and her mother’s side. Moreover, he fixed his musical concert near his family’s temporary home in Seattle to wind up his fatherhood.

Stella Matthews’ Siblings

The adorable daughter of Dave Matthews, Stella, is the twin sister of Dave’s other daughter, Grace Anne Matthews. They joined the Matthews family on the same day in the difference of some minutes. 

Similarly, the twin daughters of Dave and Jennifer Ashley, Stella and Grace, are the elder sister to the Matthews family’s youngest offspring, August Oliver Matthews. Stella Matthews’ brother, August, joined her on 19 June 2019. Unlike his sisters, momma Jennifer Ashley delivered him at their residence. 

The Matthews siblings have great bonding together. Although their parents do not have social networking handles on their names, the media paparazzi often capture them during their outings. 

She Inspired Her Dad To Write A Novel

The father of three, Dave Matthews, is an author too. To date, he has authored numerous books. Recently, he co-authored a fantasy novel titled ‘If We Were Giants’ with Clete Barrett Smith. The book follows a girl who must defy her past mistakes and save her peaceful community from a huge threat. It also reflects Dave’s work as a humanitarian and environmentalist.

In an interview with ABC News, father of three, Dave Matthews, told the reporter that he found inspiration from his daughters, Stella and Grace. He said the news he was recording music in New Orleans some years ago when he began to imagine the story of ‘If We were Giants.’ Stella was six at that time. 

While Stella and her sister, Grace, played in the trees, their father, Dave, got overwhelmed by nature and how people interact with it. So that prompted Stella’s father to craft a story to share with them.

Lives In The Seattle Suburb With Her Family

Stella lives in the Seattle Suburb with her parents and siblings. The home of the Matthews family is barely visible behind the mature trees, affording the family privacy. Stella’s father bought their three-bedroom, two-bathroom house in July 2001 for $360K. However, in the present, it is speculated to be worth $1,046,200.

Besides, Stella’s dad, Dave, has properties in Virginia, including Blenheim Vineyards, a winery. Nevertheless, Dave Matthews’ daughter, Stella Matthews, is living everyday life in her Seattle Suburb home, enjoying nature away from unnecessary media dramas. 

Name Meaning: Stella Busina Matthews

The name Stella is of Italian and Latin origin. It’s meaning is a star. 

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