Meet Tamre Winger – Photos Of B.J. Cook’s Daughter, Who’s The Father?

B.J. Cooks daughter Tamre WingerTamre Winger is the oldest daughter of B.J. Cooks, retired Canadian singer and a songwriter. Image Source: Facebook/ Tamre Winger

Tamre Winger is the oldest daughter of B.J. Cook from her first relationship. Bold and beautiful Tamre Winger was born in 1959 in Victoria, British Columbia. Tamre is the step-daughter of David Foster, a Canadian musician. Sibling of Allison Jones Foster. Tamre Winger’s biological father is also a Canadian.

Tamre Winger’s mother, B.J. Cook, is a former Canadian songwriter and singer. B.J. Cook married superstar music producer David Foster in 1972 after separating with Tamre Winger’s father. The couple divorced in 1981 after giving birth to a daughter named Amy S. Foster together.

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Tamre Winger’s Craze For Bikes

Well, B.J. Cook’s daughter Tamre owns a black Harley Davidson bike, and even in her 60s, she has a craze for speed and bikes. .Tamre keeps on posting videos and photos of her with her super-stylish bike on her social media.

Daughter of B.J. Cook Tamre Winger
Even in her 60’s B.J Cook’s daughter Tamre Winger rides her Harley Davidson bike like a pro. Image Source: Facebook/ Tamre Winger

Besides  Bike, daughter of B.J. Cook, Tamre Winger loves her pet too. We can see lots of photos of her pet dog on her Facebook as well as Twitter profile. Tamre even has a seat fitted for her pet dog Louix Von Drumstix on her luxurious bike.

Tamre Winger’s Father

The information about Tamre Winger’s biological father is still not known. David Foster is the step-father of Tamre Winger, and he loved and cared for Tamre like his own daughter after she and Tamre’s mother moved with him.

Tamre Winger has also a good relationship with step-father David Foster and her half-sister Amy S. Foster.

B.J. Cook's daughters Tamre Winger and Amy S. Foster
Tamre Winger has a good relationship with her half-sister, Amy S. Foster, since their early childhood days. Image Source: Facebook/ Tamre Winger

Winger stayed with Amy after her mother B.J. married David Foster in 1973. Her sister Amy S. is also a Canadian songwriter like their mother and an author too. Amy S. foster followed the path of their father and mother, whereas Tamre chose a different field.

Tamre Winger Is A Proud Grandma

B.J. Cook became a great-grandma when her daughter Tamre Winger’s daughter gave birth to a cute daughter. Tamre Winger’s daughter Lochlan gave birth to a girl who they named Londyn Mae on 2nd February 2019. Proud grandma Tamre Winger’s Facebook wall is filled with photos of her granddaughter, and we can see how much she loves spending time with her.

B.J. Cook's daughter Tamre Winger's granddaughter
Tamre Winger loves spending time with her granddaughter Londyn Mae. Image Source: Instagram/ Tamre Winger

Tamre Winger’s daughter and son-in-law stay quite far from her home at Burlington. Currently, she has a home in Toronto, Ontario, due to which she can visit her granddaughter only after a long interval of time. While she loves her duties as a grandmother, Tamre’s former stepfather, David Foster, recently welcomed a new family member. His wife, Katharine McPhee, gave birth to the pair’s first child, a son, which made Winger a stepsister. While the connection is farfetched, there is no doubt that Tamre is happy for David and his wife.

Name Meaning: Tamre Winger

The name ” Tamre” is originated from the modern English word ” Tamara”. “Tamara” is derived from the biblical name “Tamar” which means ” a fruit named date”.

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