Meet Tracy Morgan Jr. – Photos Of Tracy Morgan’s Son With Ex-Wife Sabina Morgan

Tracy Morgan's son, Tracy Morgan Jr.

The actor and comedian, Tracy Morgan‘s son, Tracy Morgan Jr. was born in 1992 to his ex-wife Sabina Morgan. The handsome Tracy has two brothers; Gitrid Morgan, and Malcolm Morgan.

After 22 years of marriage, Tracy’s dad and mum divorced in 2009. Then Tracy’s dad went on to marry Megan Wollover in 2015. Tracy Morgan and Megan Wollover have an adorable daughter, Maven Sonae Morgan who is Tracy Morgan Jr.’s half-sister.

Tracy Morgan Jr.’s Imposter Louyi Ferrin Arrested

There are a bunch of people who can do any illegal actions just to become popular and be known in the world. Similarly, Louyi Ferrin is one of them who posed as Tracy Morgan’s son. He had been misusing the name for several years. Ferrin described himself as Tracy Morgan’s son and posted many photos of Morgan on his social media page.

Louyi Ferrin is fake Tracy Morgan Jr.
Louyi Ferrin misused Tracy Morgan’s son name to become famous. Image Sources: Daily Mail.

He had been using the name with captions saying that he was the son of the comedian, Tracy Morgan. Maybe he does not have a percent of guilt so he did this kind of inappropriate behavior. Correspondingly, Louyi used the name to gain VIP access to nightclubs. He even took photos with several celebrities such as Katy Perry and Rihanna.

But the lies he made up came down crashing when Ferrin was seen at Haus nightclub in New York City. He was asking DJs to give a shoutout to his made-up dad, Tracy for returning to SNL. So, the lies were caught up and everyone came up to know that Louyi was not Tracy Morgan’s son.

Fake Tracy Morgan Jr.
Louyi Ferrin used Tracy Morgan Jr.’s name to gain VIP access in bars. Image Sources: Daily Mail

Tracy Morgan’s Son, Tracy Morgan Jr. Has Warm Relation With His Step-Mother

Although Tracy Mrogan Jr.’s step-mum is Megan Wollover, he has a comfortable relationship with her. Unlike many stepparents and children out there, the duo has got a warm relationship. Looks like Tracy has succeeded to build a close foundation with his step-mum, Megan Wollover.

Tracy Morgan Jr. dad is Tracy Morgan
Tracy Morgan Jr., with his dad, Tracy Morgan, step-mum, Megan Wollover and half-sister, Maven Sonae Morgan. Image Sources: Zimbio.

Similarly, Tracy at times is spotted alongside his parents attending different events. Once he attended the Star Ceremony on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame alongside his dad, Tracy Morgan, step-mum, Megan, and step-sister, Maven. He came with them as a companion.

Tracy Morgan Jr. – Name Meaning

The name Tracy came from an Irish word ‘treasach’ meaning ‘war-like’ or ‘fighter’.

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