Meet Tyler Bruce Vandersall – Michele Tafoya’s Son With Mark Vandersall

Michele Tafoya's son, Tyler Bruce VandersallMichele Tafoya's son, Tyler Bruce Vandersall is her eldest kid with her husband Mark Vandersall. Image Source: Mark Vandersall Twitter.

American sportscaster Michele Tafoya has welcomed two kids with her husband, Mark Vandersall. The sideline reporter for NBC Sunday Night Football is relatively secretive about her personal life. But those who watch her on television are always eager to learn more about Tafoya’s family.

So, today let’s get to know Michele Tafoya’s son, Tyler Bruce Vandersall, and see what he is doing now. Also, learn about the Tafoya-Vandersall couple’s difficult journey to parenthood.

Eldest Child Of Michele And Mark

Aforementioned, the lovely pair, Michele Tafoya and Mark Vandersall, are parents to two beautiful children. And among the two, their son, Tyler Vandersall, is the oldest. He was born in mid-November 2005 but was not due until 28th November.

However, it wasn’t until November 21 that the couple announced the birth of their son. Since they were quite secretive about their lives, Mark and Michele chose to keep the happy news to themselves for a few days.

Furthermore, a few years after the birth of their son, the married pair adopted their daughter, Olivia Vandersall. Olivia, who was named Valentina, was born four months before adoption with aortic coarctation. She was admitted to a state-run hospital, but the Tafoya-Vandersall couple transferred her to a private hospital soon after.


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The Vandersall family stayed in Columbia till the adoption process was complete. So, Michele Tafoya’s son, Tyler, who was only three at the time, was admitted to various classes. This was because they had to stay in the country for several weeks. But the young boy took it in stride and was excited about welcoming his sister to the family.

Mark and Michele Tafoya Vandersall’s daughter is now named Olivia Valentina Vandersall. She and her brother, Tyler, share a great bond and are very close with one another.

Tyler Bruce’s Parents Had Trouble Starting A Family

Currently, Michele Tafoya and Mark Vandersall are happy with their two kids, Tyler and Olivia. However, the road to happiness was a difficult one as the pair had trouble starting their family. Michelle and Mark underwent two miscarriages in one year, which must have been incredibly difficult.

Moreover, the couple then saw a fertility doctor and conceived twins through in vitro fertilization. But sadly, this pregnancy also ended in miscarriage which affected Mark and Michele. Both of them had lost hope about welcoming their kid, but miraculously, at the age of 40, Tafoya found out that she was pregnant.

Shortly before she turned 41, Michele Tafoya’s son, Tyler, was born. And afterward, Tyler Bruce Vandersall’s parents adopted young Olivia completing the family.

Michele Tafoya’s Son Is Athletic

Aforementioned, Michele Tafoya is a sportscaster who is a sideline reporter for NBC’s Sunday Night Football. And with her love for sports, it is no surprise that her son, Tyler Bruce Vandersall is also interested in athletics.

Moreover, Tyler’s dad, Mark, was an All-Conference football player and a baseball star at the Robbinsdale Armstrong High School. He also played baseball in college and comes from a family involved in sports.

So, it is no surprise that Michele Tafoya’s son, Tyler, is also athletic by nature. However, unlike his dad, the young one is interested in basketball. Going through Mark Vandersall’s Twitter, we can see that the eldest Vandersall sibling was a part of the Edina Basketball team in 2017.

Michele Tafoya's son, Tyler Bruce Vandersall
Mark Vandersall and Michele Tafoya’s son, Tyler Bruce Vandersall, plays basketball. Image Source: Mark Vandersall Twitter.

Furthermore, Tyler and his team even won several tournaments and took home trophies. Mark has not updated his followers about his son’s games in a long while. Therefore, it is unclear if Tyler is still playing basketball or if he has found another interest.

Tyler And Olivia Accompanied Their Mom To The Olympics

Michele Tafoya is not only the sideline reporter for NBC but also covers the swimming competitions during the Summer Olympics. And while covering the event during the Rio Olympics in 2016, Michele was accompanied by her husband and two kids.

Both of Michele Tafoya’s children, Tyler and Olivia, got a chance to watch swimmers competing in the Olympics. Moreover, the duo also met several well-known sports personalities during the trip.

For the Tafoya-Vandersall family, this was a fantastic family trip. Mark took to Twitter to share several pictures from the trip and also the Olympic events. Looking at these photos, it is clear that Tyler and Olivia had a lot of fun.

Moreover, with such a popular personality as a mother, such international trips might be a regular event for Tyler and his sister. Also, the fame has resulted in the family being in the spotlight for a long time.

Nonetheless, Michele has managed to keep much of her life and her kids away from the media. But we hope that with time, we will learn more about her son, Tyler Bruce Vandersall.

Name Meaning

The name Tyler is of Old French origin and means “doorkeeper of an inn.” Similarly, Bruce is of English origin which means “thick brush.”

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