Meet Michele Tafoya’s Husband Mark Vandersall Since 2000, Any Children Together?

Michele Tafoya's Husband Mark VandersallMichele Tafoya's husband Mark Vandersall is a private wealth advisor and a gentleman. Image Source: Vandersall & Associates.

Michele Tafoya is a sportscaster who has been reporting for NBC Sports featuring as the sideline reporter for NBC Sunday Night Football for a while now. And, after ‘eerie’ pandemic season, she is ready to return to the sideline. Furthermore, the University of California, Berkeley graduate, has been proliferating as a sportscaster since 1993.

Michele not only enjoys a triumphant career but is relishing a blissful marital charm with her husband, Mark Vandersall. The pair have been married since 2000. Therefore, here is everything about Michele Tafoya’s husband, Mark Vandersall.

Michele Tafoya’s Husband Is A Wealth Advisor

Sportscaster Michele Tafoya is making milestones through her work while her husband, Mark Vandersall, makes a name of his own in his faculty. According to Mike Vandersall’s LinkedIn, he seems to be passionate about financial planning. 

Furthermore, Mark has been working as a private wealth advisor for Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc., for over two decades since December 1955. He has been working for the financial service company since his graduation. 

Michele Tafoya's Husband Mark Vandersall
Michele Tafoya’s Husband, Mark Vandersall, is a proud father of two kids and a private health advisor.

Furthermore, Michele Tafoya’s partner wrote that his financial planning is based on his clients’ relationship. He further pointed out his competency as a reliable planner to help his clients achieve their financial goals and dreams. 

Additionally, Michele feels fortunate as both she and Mark bring something to the table and balance family time. She also mentioned ways to make their career, including travel and work, while raising two children. 

Mark Was Athletic In University & High School Days

The veteran sportscaster, Michele Tafoya’s husband, Mark, graduated from Robbinsdale Armstrong High School in Plymouth, where he was a baseball star and All-Conference football player before graduating in the 90s. 

Furthermore, Mark was named an honorable mention Freshman All-American pitcher by Mizuno. 

Likewise, Michele’s partner, Mark’s family, is related to games. According to Heavy, his sister was a gymnast for the Gophers. Moreover, Bruce Vandersall was the linebackers coach and defensive coordinator at the University of Minnesota from 1973 to 1982. 

Mark Vandersall is a Finance graduate from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in 1995. Sadly, Vandersall’s father, Bruce E. Vandersall, passed away on October 6, 2016, after a stroke and a brief battle with cancer.

The Vandersall family is still connected to the Gophers athletic program. Moreover, his Twitter feed is filled with events with his children and wife. Michele and Vandersall’s relationship has a pretty interesting back story. Let’s discuss how they met from here on. 

Met In 1993 When Tafoya Worked At Radio Station

The sideline reporter, Michele Tafoya, a California native, met her husband, Mark, in 1993 while working as a reporter/host at the radio station KFAN-AM. Vandersall’s wife was the Minnesota Vikings sideline reporter for the radio station and covered the University of Minnesota women’s basketball games. 

She fell in love with the states, the games, and her husband in Minnesota. Hence, she remained constant as her preferences changed along with her life changes. 

Married With Two Kids

As Tafoya and Vandersall fell in love after meeting in Minnesota, they soon got married in 2000. In an interview, Michele revealed that she got married in the mid-30s. Although the love birds’ love is profound, they had a fair share of difficulties, including bearing children. 

The Vandersall couple is proud parents to two kids, son Tyler Vandersall and daughter Olivia Vandersall. Michele and Mark adopted their daughter, Olivia, from Colombia in 2009 as a newborn. Although they are happy and a complete family, life didn’t always spring for the couple. They had to face stormy days as well, especially in terms of Michele Tafoya’s motherhood. 

Michele suffered two painful miscarriages in a year and became pregnant with twins via in- vitro fertilization. Unfortunately, attempts were all a failure. While talking to Modern Mom, she spoke of her age, miscarriages, and balancing a working mom’s career. Amidst all the attempts, the failure demotivated the couple until she birthed their first child, Tyler, at 40. 

Shortly after welcoming their first kid, the Vandersall couple adopted Olivia from Colombia, and Mrs. Vandersall doesn’t want to miss a moment with her family. As Michele and Mark became parents, they were all about nourishing them and changed their priorities considerably. 

Both Michele and her husband Mark bonded with their kids exceptionally and wouldn’t trade a day for anything else. Let’s hope the couple keeps on loving one another while raising amazing kids. 

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