More About NFL Coach David Culley’s Parents

David Culley Parents Ulysses Culley Sr. and Jessie MaeDavid Culley's parents, Ulysses Culley, and Jessie Mae, supported his coaching career wholeheartedly. Photo Source: Social Media.

David Culley is a renowned name in National Football League (NFL). He has showcased his incredible coaching skills for nearly three decades in the NFL. In addition, the sportsman emerged as a collegiate coach before advancing to lead some of the best NFL teams. For instance, he was the head coach of Houston Texans.

The NFL coach has won the hearts of many people throughout his time in NFL. However, many might also wonder how he began his career or who was behind his successful coaching career. Similarly, questions like whether David got his sports genes from his mother or father are also nothing new.

So, here we will learn more about NFL Coach David Culley’s parents and their contribution to his prosperous profession.

David Culley’s Parents, Ulysses Culley Sr., And Jessie Mae

David Culley was born David Wayne Culley to his lovely parents, Ulysses Grant Culley Sr. and Jessie Mae. Both were Lebanese who lived in Sparta and raised their children. In addition, the former Texans coach has African-American descent.

David grew up alongside three brothers, Jeffrey “Shotgun” Culley, Grant Culley, Toby Culley, and two sisters, Susie Robinson and Debra Brewington. David is the second oldest child of his parents. Moreover, the mentor’s siblings were involved in different sports like football, baseball, and basketball.

David Culley Parents Ulysses Culley Sr. and Jessie Mae
David Culley is the second child of his parents, Ulysses Grant Culley Sr., and Jessie Mae. Photo Source: Social Media.

The coach was most successful and landed a sports scholarship to play quarterback at Vanderbilt. He later transitioned to coaching young talents at the collegiate level. Therefore, his father and mother must have been proud of the NFL coach.

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Jessie Mae Was A Softball Player

The former Houston Texans head coach certainly got athletic genes from his parents. His late mother, Jessie Mae, whose full name is Jessie Mae Webb Culley, was a slow-pitch softball player of their hometown. She was pretty passionate about softball and played it until she was sixty-five.

David Culley’s late mom, Jessie, was an outgoing person, whereas his dad was the opposite. Still, his parents’ personalities complimented each other, leading to a happy married life.

The NFL coach’s mama, Jessie, was also a mean racer who loved speed. Her driving skills were even said to be suitable for the NASCAR circuit. Speaking of her career, she worked in the Shirt Factory and Thomas Industries for years.

David’s Dad Was A Huge Baseball Fan

David’s late father, Ulysses Culley, named after the 18th U.S. president, was a massive baseball fan. He idolized baseball legends Willie Mays and Hank Aaron and never missed out on their matches.

David’s late dad, Ulysses, worked at Caney Fork Electric and a local supermarket. After finishing his jobs, he always attended baseball games. In addition, he played baseball with his best friend James “Tenderfoot” Leftwich and occasionally umpired.

Culley Sr. was also great at playing snooker. He often won bet money while playing pool with others.

The former head coach played as a pitcher in his pops’ team during junior high and high school. However, Ulysses never tried to coach his son; instead only showed utmost support.

Has A Baseball Field Named After Him

David Culley’s father, Ulysses, impacted many lives in Sparta. His honest character and baseball passion made him a beloved person in their hometown.

Senior Culley’s love for baseball was a well-known fact in Sparta. The community member often assisted him in his wheelchair and drove him to baseball matches during his elderly days.

The name of the White County High School baseball field was changed to the Ulysses Culley Field after David’s late father on March 17, 2016. It further commemorated his importance to the community.

Was Very Happy After David’s Hiring As A Head Coach

Being a head coach in NFL is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. For David, who initially worked as an assistant coach, wide receivers coach, and defensive coordinator, becoming Houston Texans’ head coach was outstanding.

After his hiring, the sports personality immediately flew to meet his then 94-year-old dad, Ulysses. After hearing the news, the latter was pleased and proud and kept talking with his son from 12 to 2 pm.

David Culley’s Parents Sad Demise

Growing old and dying is a natural phenomenon, and no one can escape that. Unfortunately, David’s parents also had to go through this natural process as other people did.

David’s late mom, Jessie Mae, passed away at eighty-five on July 2, 2015, at her residence. His father, Ulysses, died at ninety-four on May 1, 2021. Unfortunately, David couldn’t be with his parents at the last moments of their lives.

David Culley Parents Ulysses Culley Sr. and Jessie Mae
David Culley lost his mom, Jessie, in 2015 and his dad, Ulysses, in 2021. Photo Source: Social Media.

Also, David lost his son Monty Culley in 2019. But despite all the loss, he has remained strong and is continuing with his life with the help of his wife, Carolyn Culleyand daughter Jessie Culley.

The NFL coach has lost both of his parents, but their taught life lessons will remain with him forever. He will likely always follow their guidance for the many days ahead.

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