David Culley’s Wife Carolyn Culley Is Associate Director For Strategy And Success

David Culley's Wife Carolyn CulleyDavid Culley's wife, Carolyn Culley, is a lovely lady who is a associate director for strategy and success at EdPlus. Photo Source: Social Media.

When discussing NFL coaches, one can certainly not forget about David Culley. His coaching career spanned over four decades with different universities and NFL teams. For instance, he served as Houston Texans’ head coach for the 2021 season.

We can all agree that an NFL coach has a hectic job with lots of travel involved. So, it’s hard for us to visualize Culley as a family man, considering his active lifestyle. But, he has defied the odds by being a loving husband to his spouse and doting father to his children.

David Culley’s wife, Carolyn Culley, is a lovely lady who supports her husband’s career. Alongside running a household, she is associate director for strategy and success. In addition, she has over two decades of professional experience in online higher education operations.

So, let’s learn more about this talented individual in this article.

Have Been Together For Years

Aforementioned, the veteran coach, David Culley, is happily wedded to his partner, Carolyn Culley. However, when it comes to sharing the details of their affairs, he has been quite hesitant.

David hasn’t revealed when he first met his beautiful wife, Carolyn, in the media. He also hasn’t disclosed when they began dating or started their relationship. Likewise, his marriage date is also a mystery among his fans.

Still, going through his interviews, the pair likely have been married for several years. So both must have a strong bond, considering the fact that their marital life has been going smoothly.

The Culley Couple Lost One Of Their Child

The celebrity wife gave birth to two children during her marriage with David. Her late son, David Demond Culley, was better known as Monty Culley among his family and friends.

Sadly, David Culley’s son, Monty, passed away in 2019 for undisclosed reasons. The latter was forty-five years old at that time and the loss impacted the family immensely. After her only son’s death, Carolyn must have been devasted and heartbroken.

David Culley Wife Carolyn Culley
David Culley and his wife, Carolyn Culley, lost their only son, Monty Culley, in 2019. Photo Source: Social Media.

The couple is also the parents of a daughter named Jessie Culley. However, she hasn’t made much media appearance and keeps a private lifestyle.

David Culley’s Wife Holds Several Degrees

David Culley’s spouse, Carolyn, has proven to be intelligent and academically talented. She completed her formal education at McClintock High School. She then enrolled at Mesa Community College, where she obtained her Associate’s Degree in general studies in 1993.

The McClintock alumna attended Arizona State University for further study. She eventually received her BA in communication in 1995. Furthermore, she returned to university to get her Master of Science in digital audience strategy in 2018.

The arts graduate also holds a MAED in adult education and training from the University of Phoenix.

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Is Associate Director For Strategy And Success

As mentioned earlier, the ASU graduate is a dedicated professional with over twenty years of experience in online higher education operations and academics. She has utilized her MAED and MS degrees to land herself a job as associate director for strategy and success at EdPlus at Arizona State University.

The associate director’s position entails making higher education strategies, identifying and implementing solutions for stakeholders, providing leadership for student success initiatives, etc. She previously worked as project manager and associate director of academic program manager in the company.

David Culley’s wife initially served in Phoenix Fan Fusion, Glynlyon Inc., UoPX, Club Med Sales Inc., etc. Her two decades-long experience has led her to be proficient in Online Higher Education leadership, Program Management, Project Management, Relationship Management, etc.

Thanks to her work experiences, Carolyn Culley’s net worth must be substantial.

Is Very Supportive Of Her Husband’s Career

It is said that there is a contribution of a woman behind every great man. And this can’t be further from the truth considering David and his wife, Carolyn’s relationship.

The coach has time and again credited his partner, Carolyn, for raising their kids and giving him the freedom to move their family to different places. He also shares how she never complained and was always prepared for their departure.

The duo’s mutual understanding and support have assisted them to enjoy a comfortable life together. The NFL coach also states he is a lucky guy to have married the right girl.

David Culley Wife Carolyn Culley
David Culley’s wife, Carolyn Culley, supported his coaching career from the beginning. Photo Source: Social Media.

However, the pair isn’t much active in social media and rarely makes any media appearance. They must have done it to avoid unnecessary media scrutiny.

David has been let go by Houston Texans after only a season. Still, he has a bright future ahead in the NFL. We wish both him and his wife, Carolyn, immense success in the upcoming days.

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