5 Facts About Desiree Coleman Including Her Net Worth And Mother, Is She Still Together With Husband Mark Jackson?

Desiree Coleman's husband Mark JacksonDesiree Coleman is a beautiful person with melodious voice and strong faith on God. Image Source: Desiree's Instagram.

Desiree Coleman is an American vocalist and actress. Also known as Kadesh, she is grandly known as the leading actress in Chloe Kane and the founder of Love Culture Center in LA. Furthermore, Desiree is widely reckoned for her marriage with former Warriors head coach Mark Jackson.

Well, the former couple went through some nasty situations, including heinous infidelity, back in 2012, and their marriage didn’t survive. Well, here are a few facts about Mark Jackson’s ex-wife, Desiree Coleman, and their tumultuous relationship. You shall enjoy what Coleman’s ex-husband’s extramarital affair invited. Thus, stick till the end for the ear-busting news.

Is A Massive Music Enthusiast

Born on Sep 12, 1966, to Nicole Coleman and her former spouse, Desiree Coleman was always interested in making music and entertaining activities. The Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music and Arts graduate, Desiree is pretty close to her step-father, John Thurman of Hempstead.

Interestingly, Desiree comes from an ordinary family where her mom, Nicole, was a public relations consultant while her step-father was a US Postal Service employee. Moreover, Coleman discovered her ability to sing at the age of 6, and her mother was ecstatic on hearing her voice.

Hence, Desiree Coleman’s mother encouraged her to join the St. Luke Baptist Church Choir and assisted her in several commercials. Furthermore, she was already a part of Soul Searchers of NYC, a community choir, by 14.

Since then, religion plays a vital role in her life. She has been performing Gospel music ever since under the name ‘Kadesh.’ Growing up on the East Coast, Desiree made a pretty fantastic singing career and embarked on the acting industry as well.

Except for churches, Desiree Coleman performed the National Anthem before a playoff game between the Golden State Warriors and Denver. Unfortunately, her performance made a wrong impression as she added her lyrics to the end.

Had Her Career Break-through In The Off-Broadway Musical

Aforementioned, Mark Jackson’s ex-wife, Desiree Coleman, is a great music enthusiast. However, she is also a renowned actress who started by playing Doris Winter in the Off-Broadway musical Mama, I Want to Sing!. The movie is basically about the late Doris Troy.

Written by Vy Higginsen and Ken Wydra, Desiree was the third actress to play the role and starred in it for two years. Furthermore, the show was historically the longest-running Off-Broadway musical and has had over 25,000 performances in New York alone.

As a musician and a budding actress, Desiree Coleman’s net worth must have been significant. Although her earnings aren’t disclosed, her bank accounts must be impressively satisfying.


Married Former Warriors Coach Mark Jackson During The 90s

People come by to understand their inner compassion, and a few to show their willingness cum empathy. Talking about compassion, willingness, and empathy are some of the most important things a person needs to collect for a platonic marriage.

Unfortunately, Desiree Coleman and Mark Jackson weren’t one of the very scarce platonic marriages. The former couple shared their vows on July 29, 1990, amidst friends and families. Religion plays a significant role in both Jackson and Coleman families. Thus, the former Jackson duo shared their vows at the Allen African Methodist Episcopal Church in Jamaica, Queens.

Furthermore, according to the NY Times, the ceremony was performed by the pastor of Allen Church, Rev. Floyd H. Flake, and Rev, John H. Boyd. Furthermore, Desiree Coleman’s aunt, Dolly Alexander, was the maid of honor while Mark Jackson’s father, Harry Jackson, served as the best man.

Desiree Coleman's children
Desiree Coleman welcomed four kids with her husband, Mark Jackson. Image Source: Desiree’s Instagram.

The former Jackson couple, Desiree and Mark’s marriage was up-and-coming, and they spent 27 years being married to one another. Also, former Mrs. Desiree Jackson welcomed four kids, Heavyn Jackson, Mark Jackson Jr., Micah Jackson, and Christian Jackson.

Threatened By A Stripper Jackson Had An Affair With

Aforementioned, Desiree and Mark Jackson were married for 27 years since 1990. Therefore, it is practically impossible for their relationship to have gone through a smooth road. But to tell you to make a better picture, the couple went through something equivalent to the Everest’s height sort of problem.

As stated earlier, Desiree Coleman’s husband, Mark Jackson’s extra-marital affair threatened their marriage and even the former Warrior head coach’s reputation. Furthermore, Mark turned several heads for an extortion scandal. Moreover, Mark had an affair with a stripper name Alexis Adams in 2006, when he was an announcer for the Brooklyn nets.

Alexis’s accomplice, Marcus Shaw, tried to blackmail Jackson by threatening to release Jackson’s nudes. Likewise, according to the FBI, an affair that lasted merely a year cost him $5000 and demanded $185,000 more. Well, interestingly, Desiree and Mark’s marriage was still flourishing at that moment. Guess a person makes a mistake, and another is prone to forgiveness.

Desiree Coleman Filed For Divorce In 2017

Well, Desiree and Mark’s promises of life and after, through thicks and thins, sickness and health came to an end after 27 long years of marriage. During their hectic marriage, Mark Jackson’s wife was busy scheduling her children’s lives and singing activities in between while Mark was busy in some other places or exerted by his games.

Hence, after several years of acceptance and tolerance, Mark Jackson’s ex-wife, Desiree Coleman, filed for divorce on September 27, 2017. While talking to Blast, Desiree said that the couple parted ways before filing for divorce but would co-parent their children. She added that Jackson is a wonderful man.

Unfortunately, even after three years of filing the divorce, no status is given out. Moreover, the divorce settlement must have aided Coleman’s net worth significantly.

Well, the former couple must have parted ways legally as well and living a secluded life. Thus, let’s hope Desiree Coleman is living her best with her kids.

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